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Canterbury Faire with Ildhafn, 2020

This is the booking form for the Ildhafn Baronial campsite at Canterbury Faire, 2020.

The Canterbury Faire website has a lot of information about the event itself. You will need to go there to book for the event proper.

ONE FORM PER PERSON please, even for kids. 


We ask that everyone camping with us contribute towards the cost of bringing and maintaining the awning, and other furniture down from the North Island (Rudiger and Aylenora do a wonderful job bringing things down in their trailer), covering Ildhafn's share of the on-site container storage, as well as covering the cost of oil for the lamps, incidental gas usage (e.g. for hot drinks), detergent etc.

This year (2020) we're asking for everyone to chip in $15, or $30 for a family. This applies even if you're eating somewhere else (e.g. on the mealplan, or with another campsite); if you're using the Ildhafn gas cookers for substantial amounts of cooking, please contact Master William to ask about contributing for extra gas bottles.

Please do feel free to use the cooking stuff we have on site if you're doing your own cooking (but do check who else might want to use it) - it's what it's there for.

If you're not camping with Ildhafn, but would like to contribute to the costs of the campsite, then it's up to you how much to contribute - please fill in the form but leave a comment saying how much you're going to put in (just so we can track the money coming in), and please put your tent size down as "Bunking". Thank you for supporting the Ildhafn campsite!


We're hoping that the glorious fresh baked honey apple spiced buns (usually around $2 each) and bread loaves (about $6 each) will be available from Monday to Saturday from the bunsmiths. If you order them through this form, they will be delivered to the Ildhafn campsite each morning. We'll confirm shortly if this is happening, but feel free to put your order details in now.

Do you want to order honey apple spiced buns or loaves of bread?
If you want more than 5 buns on a day, either split your order across multiple people, or put something in the comment section and William will be in contact.
If you want more than 2 loaves on a day, put down 2 and put something in the comments section please.

We'll arrange a modest amount of tea, coffee and hot chocolate for the campsite this year. Turkish Coffee is available in the Mong, and tea and instant coffee are available upstairs, near the main hall. Bring your own supplies if you would like to make hot drinks in camp (you're most welcome to, but let William know if you plan to do that a lot - we'll need extra gas canisters for the small camp stoves).

We can't necessarily cater for special dietary requirements in camp, but if you indicate roughly what they are, we might be able to ... or at least let you know in advance if you're going to have to fend for yourself.
No dairy
No eggs
No seafood
No gluten
No alliums (onions, etc)
Allergies (list below)
Other (describe below)

Other dietary needs. Any any useful information for cooks - alternate names for allergens, or surprising places they might be found; suggested brands; things you do eat - e.g. you're vegetarian but ok with rennet in cheese.
  • Extreme: You might need a doctor or an ambulance. Cooks should be extremely cautious having this ingredient in the kitchen at all. 
  • Moderate: Makes you quite sick (or very sad), but you won't need a doctor. Food prepared in the same kitchen is ok. 
  • Mild: Makes you uncomfortable. You can eat food served on the same platter.
Loaner Gear
Ildhafn keeps 8-ish set of feast gear at CF - metal plate and bowl, cutlery, glass tumbler. BYO napkin and tea-towel. They're available for anyone who doesn't want to bring their own - first in best dressed. Usually there are plenty for all who want them, so feel free if it would be convenient for you.
Canvas or plastic, rough size and shape, room needed for ropes, etc.
E.g. "near the loos", "far from the common area". No promises, but we'll do our best to accommodate reasonable requests.
Do you need mains power for your tent (e.g. for a CPAP machine)? Please only select this if you need power to live or sleep well, not just to charge your phone.
When will you be on site? Arrival and departure times.
This can be pretty approximate - it's so the stewards can plan what order to put up tents, etc.
Site opens for set-up at midday on Saturday the 19th. If you don't need to set up a tent, you should plan to arrive on Sunday. The event proper opens on Monday morning.
Event closes at on the evening of Saturday the 26th. The site is still available for pack-up on Sunday (but plan to be off-site before lunch). There is no lunch provided on the final Sunday.
Direct deposit into Ildhafn's Kiwibank account in advance, if possible. Cash on the day is fine if you're coming from overseas.
E.g. "I want lots of music in the camp", "please no evening singing outside my tent", "I want to order 18 buns per day", "visitors at all hours", "I want to run brekkies"