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Negri's Canary, woman's mutanze

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on December 16, 2010 - 10:32am
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Our first advanced-dancing session for the summer!

Present: Katherina, Anna, William, Caterine

Warm up: Pungente Dardo, Amoroso

Main Session: Canario


  • Basic structure of a Canary (see my handout on "How to improvise a Canary").
  •  Seguiti spezzati schisciati al Canarii and the  seguiti spezzati schisciati in saltini in the  passeggio intorno [turning passage]. Notes: stamp/scuff onto the front half of the foot, not the heel; start the 'scuff' about level with the instep of the other foot - further back and you get 'stuck'; do all (but especially spezzati and seguiti battuti) with upright torso and very slightly bent knees; don't stamp too hard or your knees will feel it later.


New Material

  • Negri's opening figure: honours, lead-out, circle, separate.
  • Woman's first mutanza: seguiti battuti; ripresa minuta; scorsi; retreat with stamps.
  • Woman's second mutanza: 3 trabucchetti, riprese minute x 4; scorsi; retreat with stamped riprese minute.

Detailed notes will be given to dancers soon.

Revision - Pavaniglia

First two verses of Caroso's Pavaniglia from Il Ballarino.

  1. Opening honours - R, CC, coda
  2. Usual opening, to end of room with fioretti, coda.

Next Session

Next session (Saturday) we'll focus on the 4th mutanza of the Pavaniglia (the one we didn't get to last summer); and revise the first two mutanze for the woman from Negri's Canary. Please have a look at your notes for the 4th mutanza if you get time, and check that all the vocabulary is familiar. We'll start with step-revision if we need to, but it will help if you can tell me early on which steps we should focus on.



Note: Regular all-inclusive renaissance dance classes have finished for the year, and will re-start in February. Over summer Katherina Weyssin runs intensive classes for a few of her advanced students, where we look at more difficult material. If this appeals to you, come to regular dance classes for a year or so to build up your skills, and you might be ready to join us by next summer!


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