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Tassles and Dresses

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on December 9, 2010 - 8:20pm

Elisabeth cut out a new 16th century kirtle from blue linen, and adjusted the back of her Dorothea Sabina dress.

Maria decided to make some cushions with tassles on the corners, so Caterine taught everyone how to make tassles. She also decided to make a new 15th century dress with big sleeves out of green linen.

Eleanor brought her gambesin to refit through the back, but then made the happy discovery that it didn't need any adjusting, so did some flat felling for Maria.

Anna made a start on sewing all the channels of her corset, which is based on the Dorothea Sabina stays but opens at both front and back.

Caterine worked on the applique for her petticoat guarding.

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