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November 2010

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on December 5, 2010 - 8:37pm
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Council Meeting Sunday 5th December 2010

(late substitute for "November" meeting, to allow St Caths steward a week to prepare report)


Present: Katherine Davies (Seneschal), Angela Wells (Chatelaine), Vanessa Atkins (Reeve), David Robb (Chronicler), Patrick Bowman (Herald & Harbourmaster), Phil Mason (Constable), Shannon Wanty (A&S), Al Muckart


Apologies: Matt and Bea


Meeting Opened: 7.29pm


Officer Reports:


Seneschal: I've advertised for a replacement – changeover Feb or March next year. Minutes for this year's meetings now online in blog format (David – would you change so you can see them on the homepage when not logged in, and so that most recent display first). Looking for event stewards for next year (see below).


Quartermaster: I'm slowly improving the labelling and cataloguing, having observed how people use it (or don't) at events. Seeking volunteer to engrave lots (and lots) of metal items with "Ildhafn" – I have gear and engraver, need someone with a few hours to spare over summer. The dresses that Caterine and Katherina are making in return for our banners are going well. If borrowing stuff for the summer picnics, all the stuff needs to be washed and come back clean.


A&S: 13 entries overall in the competition. We had 54 individual marking sheets handed back for the St Cath's portion of the competition, meaning that nearly eight people marked each item in the competition. Katherine commented that the marks were all within one point of what she as a laurel would have given each entry. Shannon's emailed out the themes for this year, there will also be a prize for this year for the best single entry – there will probably be a small prize for this.


Shannon will advertise for her role in the coming week. Closing end of January, decision after that and takeover to be in March.


Rapier: Going well, good numbers of people. There is a new interested person who came on Wednesday and Sunday morning. Rapier Championship was fought at St Cath's, the rapier champion has been refreshed.


It was noted that it was an essential feature of council meetings that no-one gets to accurately quote the Seneschal in the council minutes.


Herald: Asked for corrections to the list, has got some replies and has updated accordingly. Katherine suggested that we update info on past Champions also. Dancing by order of precedence seems to work well.


Chronicler: As per Quarterly Report. Chronicler will put together all ads in one place for new officers. Chronicler is going to put photos of officers online, he will forward these for confirmation to officers before putting online. If you're not happy with the one he's chosen, send him an alternative within a reasonable timeframe.


Constable: No-one took much lost property away from St Cath's. Katherine has some more to give to Phil.


Chatelaine: Ange is going to advertise this similarly to A&S and Seneschal.


Minimum officers required for a barony is "a slate of officers as required by the Crown" – so probably at least the minimum for Cantons and Shires etc.


Past Events:


St Catherine's


Katherine got financials for the event done this afternoon, with the report being forwarded to the list.


Two people booked, one paid in advance and one didn't – Katherine is inclined not to give refunds as there was no contact ahead of the event to say they were cancelling, and one only booked three days ahead of the event. This seems reasonable.


Katherine didn't include Andrew as a non-paying person in the initial budget but would like for this to happen, otherwise she'll pay for him. Council is fine with Andrew attending free since he was in the kitchen cooking yummy food all day.


5-6 people managed to get their membership status wrong on bookings. Katherine is wondering about whether we can get a status update on these things. She emailed those that were out of date and most of them renewed. Seneschal can check for the populace, individuals can check their own membership status.


Thought for future events: Include something in the budget for people who are setting up for events, a small amount of cash to purchase lunch ingredients.


Upcoming Events:


Twelfth Night: David asks if people can please email to indicate attendance. First Saturday after New Year's. He'll do some more advertising for it in the next wee while. Pot luck/shareable dinner. There will be a fire.


Summer Picnics: Matt and Bea are happy to run these this year. Need to confirm how many, dates, and contacting Cornwall Park re this. One after Canterbury Faire would be good – aim for mid-February.


Quatermaster supplies for picnics, if borrowing stuff for the summer picnics, all the stuff needs to be washed and come back clean.


Website Workshop: David's looking at doing a mini-workshop on how to update the website. David will look at his tramway roster, probably in a couple of weeks. Can be tagged onto end of a Sewing Sunday, or at David's. Hasn't had the time yet for it to work. Maybe a random evening? Aim for this side of Canterbury Faire. David will post something to the list to see if there's anyone else interested, and to indicate roughly when they're available.


LOTS follow-up: Shannon and Ange will work this out in due course.


Dance Workshop: Katherine would like to organise a dance workshop weekend some time in the middle of next year, Patrick will probably steward it. Details TBC.... Will be working around Crescent Fence, St John's, the Bloth, and a gap sutiable to encourage Ruritanians to come along. Could possibly be done as a Bloth.


St George's: Matt has started organising an outline for this, same venue and general outline. Matt will be steward and chief marshal, would like to run it as an SCA event. Will look at bringing some people over for this. Generally around the weekend of the 23rd of April, but this will clash with Festival – will probably need to move it a month away either side – maybe early March, or end of May, not clashing with St Sebastian's or Crescent Fence.


Seneschal is seeking events (small feasts?) for March-April, June-ish (dance event?), and October-ish. Shannon will work with Vanessa and Ange will work with Nicola on some smaller events. Katherine will contact Cluain re what their dates are so that we can coordinate.


General Business:


Change of signatories:

National Bank requires minuted intention to change signatories.


Current signatories:

Gary Sawers – past treasurer

David Robb – past president

Kelsie MacArthur – past committee-member

Sharon Henry – past national treasurer (SCA NZ)


Proposed new signatories:

Vanessa Atkins – current treasurer

Katherine Davies – current president

David Robb – current financial-committee member

Matthew Mole – current financial-committee member


Question: should we replace Matthew or David with Angela Wells so that (assuming she'll be next seneschal/president) we don't have to repeat this in a few months? If we can have five signatories, add Ange as an extra one – otherwise substitute her in for one of these.


Approved by meeting: Yes.


Vanessa will email out the referral number that the signatories need to take in with them.




Shannon Wanty and Angela Wells had funding approved for LOTS by financial committee (no other applicants). Matching funds from kingdom approved by event steward. Roger Winn and Trent Deakin also going, from Cluain – the four of them will discuss who is to go to what stream and try to cover them between them.


Follow-up workshop TBC.


Loan/Hire of Thrones by Battlecry: Karen Dransfield is running this in late February. She is looking for two sets of thrones as props. They are happy to pay a bond and a hire fee. David commented that the thrones could do with a coat of paint and this could fund it. Phil is concerned that some of the tabs may be broken. Council is generally happy with it. $100 per set for bond, and $30 per set for hire. JUST the thrones, will be BYO cushions. Katherine will let Karen know. She will need to arrange a suitable time with Matt & Bea to collect and return.


November Crown 2012: Ange is looking at putting together a bid for this. 18 months out to decide, so has until Midwinter next year. This is likely to come on the tail end of Ange being Seneschal. This or Midwinter are good events for our group as Kingdom events. Worth at least thinking about it. If we were contemplating bidding for the Bal d'Argent again then probably wouldn't be such a good idea. Will also need to talk to Matt & Bea about when they want to do a change over, and make sure it doesn't clash or could be coordinated/incorporated nicely.


Meeting Closed: 8.28pm

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