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Tuesday Tunes Music session - 16th October 2018

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on October 24, 2018 - 8:10am

Tuesday Tunes Music session - 16th October 2018


Katherine of Glastonbury, harp
Elyna Delynor, alto rebec and bray harp
Emily of Ildhafn, soprano recorder
Sympkyn of the Moor, hammered dulcimer

Tunes played:

- If Ye Love Me (Thomas Tallis)
Sheet music is found in the Snogbook, pages 34 & 35.

Emily on soprano, Sympkyn and Elyna both on alto and Katherine playing the bass line. We ran through the whole thing with metronome. Spot of difficult timing in the second part but it's coming together nicely.

- Amoroso - Sheet music HERE.

- Charlotte Bransle - HERE.

- Pinagay Bransle - HERE.

- Cassandra Bransle - HERE.

***NOTE: Anybody who is not able to make the group sessions but wants to be involved in these musical endeavours please email me - we can talk about how we can fit things together remotely!

ALSO NOTE: We are going back to weekly practices, and will take the school holidays off.
Email me on for address.
Newcomers and casual drop-ins are very welcome :)                                                          
Elyna Delynor

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