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October 2010

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on October 30, 2010 - 12:00am
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Council Meeting Sunday 31st October 2010


Present: Katherine Davies (Seneschal), Angela Wells (Chatelaine), Vanessa Atkins (Reeve), David Robb (Chronicler), Patrick Bowman (Herald & Harbourmaster), Phil Mason (Constable), Shannon Wanty (A&S), Matt Mole (Baron)


Apologies: Everyone else.


Meeting Opened: 7.33pm


Officer Reports:


A&S, Chatelaine, Rapier/Tapier, Reeve, Chronicler, Herald, Harbourmaster came through via Council lists.


Constable: Nothing's happened. Phil would like to get photos of the lost items on the internet prior to St Cath's.


Seneschal: Nothing to report. Katherine will be looking for a replacement now as she will be stepping down too.


Upcoming Events:


St Catherine's Faire: 13 bookings to date, break even of 20. David is going to start advertising heavily. Katherine is to email through the bookings to David. Phil says some of the dance teachers from City Dance are inteerested in coming along, Katherine will email Sally about leaving flyers at the studio. Katherine needs cheques for the payment for the hall, including a $200 bond requirement that she hadn't previously been advised of. Council is happy with this.


Twelfth Night: David asks if people can please email to indicate attendance. First Saturday after New Year's.


Summer Picnics: Matt and Bea are happy to run these this year. Need to confirm how many, dates, and contacting Cornwall Park re this. Sunday, probably just prior to December as the first one – Sunday December 17th. One after Canterbury Faire would be good – aim for mid-February.


Website Workshop: David's looking at doing a mini-workshop on how to update the website. David will look at his tramway roster, probably in a couple of weeks. Can be tagged onto end of a Sewing Sunday, or at David's.


Dance Workshop: Katherine would like to organise a dance workshop weekend some time in the middle of next year, Patrick will probably steward it. Details TBC....


St George's: Matt has started organising an outline for this, same venue and general outline. Matt will be steward and chief marshal, would like to run it as an SCA event. Will look at bringing some people over for this. Generally around the weekend of the 23rd of April, but this will clash with Festival – will probably need to move it a month away either side – maybe early March, or end of May, not clashing with St Sebastian's or Crescent Fence.


Costrel Workshop: Shannon is looking at organising this, over a couple of days some time soon. May put it through Council.


General Business:


LOTS: 14th January. People are generally in favour of sending someone, but not many people are able to go at that time. Katherine talked to Bartholomew about it, and as the Cluain and Ildhafn operate quite separately he thought it appropriate that we fund our own candidates separately, unless Ildhafn isn't sending a candidate in which case supporting Cluain would be good. Good idea to send on to Ildhafn list so that everyone has the opportunity to see it, and to check whether there's anyone in the group that wants to go that are considering becoming active officers (locally or at Kingdom level) in the future. Council wants to fly people to Sydney, not to Canberra, and either carpool, bus, or train through to Canberra, and be billeted in Canberra. Patrick priced tickets and these came in at about $400-500, plus another $100 to get to Canberra, so probably for about $600 in total. Expenses like food and Twelfth Night events costs to be covered by those travelling. David suggests up to $150 per people, for up to two people. Katherine to advertise to the Ildhafn lists what it is that the council is offering, with a one week time frame, including what the projected funding is that is likely to be provided. People to respond with why they should be chosen to go, and what they expect to bring back from it. Phil is keen to have up to three people go, two seems to be generally be preferred, but could be negotiated depending on who comes back and what is going to be of most benefit. Matt proposes an utmost maximum of $500 for spending, which most of the committee is happy with. Financial subcommittee excluding Angela if she applies, so a group of four. Confirmed up to $500 in total, and that we are looking at sending people. Katherine will let Bartholomew know this. Katherine is to email the list with the details later tonight. Applications to be with Katherine by next 5pm Sunday. Decision to be made in a fortnight from today. Have a signed form about receipt of money in advance and what purpose it's be3ing used for and returning the money if conditions aren't filled.

Phil would like to see at least three areas covered. Shannon would like to see financial covered, and a workshop with Ildhafn and Cluain officers, as well as notes/a report. Ange thinks it should be negotiated with Financial Committee about which streams attend, she also likes the notes/report and workshop. Nicola would like people to include which streams they would like to go to, as well as a back up option so that coverage is better. Nicola likes the workshop idea because it means we all get all the information in one go. To include these requirements in the advertisement.


Meeting Closed: 8.40pm

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