Armoured combat night

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St Oswald's church hall
193 Campbell Road Greenlane
Date and Time: 
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 19:00 to 21:00

Do you like swords and armour? Wednesday night has been fencing practice for a while now, but we’re doing something new in a couple of weeks time! Several people have expressed an interest in seeing what SCA armoured combat looks like, and giving it a go. It only needs a few people to get a regular practice established, and then you can start training for war, or tournaments, or maybe even entering Crown Tournament...

So if you’ve wanted to see what armoured combat looks like, please come along! Sir Inigo has offered to come along to fencing practice on Wednesday August 15th, and several of us will be dusting off our armour and swords so that you can see, hear (and hopefully try) the clash of rattan* on someone’s shield.

If you haven’t seen SCA armoured combat before, here are a few photos of what we’re talking about:

Armoured combat night will be on Wednesday August 15th from 7-9pm, at the hall behind St Oswald’s Church, 193 Cambell Road, Greenlane. Bring your friends, and look for the blue and white SCA signs.

A quick email letting me know you’re coming is appreciated but not required. There is no charge for those coming along for the first time, or to participate in the armoured combat evening. Hope to see you there!


* We use rattan rather than steel for armoured combat so that we don’t need quite as much armour as some other combat forms - this also means that we can have wars with arrows, pikes and trebuchets etc.