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May 2010

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on May 30, 2010 - 5:06pm
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Ildhafn Council meeting: 30th May 2010
Minutes taken by Shannon Wanty.

Present: Katherine Davies (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (A&S Officer), Patrick Bowman (Herald),
Nicola Haliday (Rapier Marshall), Angela Wells (Chatelaine), Vanessa Atkin (potential Reeve)
Apologies: Adrian Baxter (Marshall), Phil Mason (Constable)
Absent: Everyone else.

Officer reports all covered by Quarterly Reports this month. Except for the

Rapier Tourney: This went well, six combatants took part. Weather held out until the last bout
which was very good of it. Blooded new Voice Herald and new Lists Mistress, authorised one new
combatant (who won). The Seneschal says this seems to be a really good recruitment technique
and a good method of getting positive interactions with other metal weapons groups. A number of
people came to watch the tournament who haven’t previously been involved with the group. The
rotunda was a very good location. For winter Sunday rapier practices will take place there.

Upcoming Events:

Crescent Fence: June 2010 Looking good. Katherine will publish a schedule once she’s extracted
details from the class details, otherwise she’ll just post something silly about them since she’s
having trouble getting info from them. A number of newcomers and out of towners are coming.
Numbers at 15 for the workshops and 19 for the tavern. Katherine will email Shannon the good
budget and confirmed numbers.

Midwinter Coronation 2010: Bookings currently sitting at 54 paying adults. Some of the
entourage for Their Majesties have begun to book, but nothing for Their Highnesses yet. Ange
hasn’t investigated the possibility of a ball for the evening, she will check hall hire. David is to pass
on suggestions for the pub on Saturday night (there is a rugby game on that night). Shannon will
run the next Sewing Sunday (in three weeks time) as a kitchen prep day. Shannon will talk to Sally
about sorting out the morning tea for the Saturday. Possibly also use her to be of physical assistance
to Michaela with A&S stuff. Billeting all with Wendy at the moment. Ange to prod stewarding
team again for replies to her last email.

St Catherine’s Faire: Ange submitted a bid to the council list this afternoon. Weekend of the
18th-21st of November (Friday-Saturday-Sunday). Ange is intending to have tent hire information
available to pass on to people. It’s NOT a hard camp (this was just an error in the bid). Bridget
also has two scout tents that it may be worthwhile to contact her about. A&S classes focusing on
handcrafts that can be done around the campsite, maybe ask Andrew to bring his portable forge,
estuary is right there and can catch decent size fish to eat. Shannon is happy to organise A&S stuff
as Officer. Katherine was putting together a bid, she will forward the stewarding details to Ange so
she knows who had said yes for this to approach. Don’t need to do a fire pit or a longdrop as they’re
already there. We will need to put a door on it though!!! Already an area of seats set up around the
fire pit. Also another fire pit that’s good for cooking steaks etc on. Looking at soft options including
a portaloo and shower. Get rid of the portaloo now that longdrop has been confirmed on site. Need
to check that portaloo is up to the numbers of people on site, otherwise can possibly dig another.
The shower would run on a garden hose, hooks up to electricity for heating. Council thinks shower

may not be necessary. Fighters can always take a dunk in the estuary, or go to local homes for a
shower. Can continue to discuss this pending costs also. Ange wants everyone to be part of the meal
plan to set up a communal cooking experience and have everyone included in that rather than be
scattered and uninvolved, also with the fact that not everybody has camp kitchens or the ability to
put one together easily. For the camp kitchen will be looking at getting bits and pieces from people
who do already have the stuff. Katherine pointed out that we need to make sure we’re not totally
relying on any one person or couple. Gas and a barbeque are included in there as a just in case –
if necessary we can set this up in a shed behind tarpaulins away from the campsite. Adrian posed
some questions on the list. Patrick commented that it’s the one event where we do tend to get a lot
of out of towners so having an arrangement where people can be put up (hire, or shared tenting,
or billeted offsite). Several people think that Cluain is more inclined towards this kind of camping
event than Ildhafn. Could be worth checking in with people around the city to check who would be
inclined to this kind of camping event compared to use of a Scout camp or some such. Ange will
put out feelers about this. May not be a problem as if locals choose to daytrip then can either billet
or have tents available to lend to out of towners. Food budget out – only had $13 for one day, need
to multiply costs out to cover all three days. Also needs to take out cost of portaloo, look at shower
etc, so budget likely to change quite a lot. Ange will post a revised bid through to the council list in
a couple of days, and we will continue to discuss the bid on the list.

Rapier Tournament: Tentative date for the second one is the 1st of August. Sounds good.
Patrick will check with Matt that he will be Marshall in Charge, Nicola happy with this she’ll be out
of town for the week beforehand.

Heraldic Symposium: Will happen some time.

Gilmour’s: Katherine will complete this. Shannon will email her about this.

Group projects:
Majolica – Shannon has given plates to Bea, has currently used money from the feast budget for
Banners – went with heraldic ones as much quicker and easier and will probably look better than
pictorial ones. All standards, four will be Ildhafn, four Cluain, and to “SCA” ones with blue

Reeve: Gary stepping down, Vanessa Atkin has applied, this will happen in the next little while.

Meeting closed 7.31pm

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