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Music session - 3rd April 2018

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on April 10, 2018 - 4:54pm
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Music session - 3rd April 2018


Katherine of Glastonbury, harp
Elyna Delynor, alto rebec & lever harp
Emily of Ildhafn, soprano recorder
Ysemay Rede, dizi (chinese flute)
Rosalind Ryne, alto recorder
Katherina Weyssin, viol da gamba
Sympkyn of the Moor, hammered dulcimer

Tunes played:

- Pinagay Bransle
Starts on a G and although Arbeau doesn't specify we play with a raised 7th i.e. F# in the melody. B part is repeated. Played 4 times.

- Charlotte Bransle
Starts on G and has a Bb, and as mentioned before we play the high E near the end of the melody as a natural (not flattened as sometimes opted for). Played 4 times.

- Cassandra Bransle
Starts on C. By Arbeau this isn't written with any 'key signature' but does have the last B in the tune written as flattened. Harps therefore leave out the (only) other B in the tune, which recorders and dulcimer play as B natural. Played 4 times.

- Stella Splendens
Version used is on page 66 of the Snogbook. After bar 34 we hold for another bar, so effectively the minim D and A become four beats long. Similarly when we repeat from the start, the very last bar also becomes four beats.

- Dona Nobis Pacem
Version used is on page 29 of the Snogbook. Played in unison for familiarity then broke into three-part canon. 

- Oh My Heart
Version used is on page 50 of the Snogbook. Mostly played as written except the dulcimer has no Eb so when Sympkyn is playing the Tenor line he uses a C instead. Currently only one person playing the bass line.

- Cantiga 119
As written.

- Cantiga 36
As written. REGULARS NOTE: there is a very slight melodic change in bars 15 and 19 to what we learned by ear.

- Washerwoman's Bransle
This starts on a G and has a Bb. Played 4 times.

- Triory Bransle
This starts on a G and has a Bb. Played 4 times. Anyone who has been afraid to play without dots, start with this one. It's so short.

- Scottish Bransle
This starts on a G and has a Bb. Played 4 times.

Tuesday 10th April is a PRACTICE AT HOME session, same tunes as above. Try learning a line from the snogbook tunes that you haven't yet played.

Future group music sessions will take place on Tuesdays ONCE A FORTNIGHT. Email me for address or to check when next group session falls, same time (7.30pm - 9.30pm).
Newcomers are very welcome :)                                                          
Elyna Delynor

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