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Ildhafn March 2018 Committee meeting minutes

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on March 11, 2018 - 5:48pm

Ildhafn March2018 Committee meeting agenda


Saturday 10th March 2018

Meeting opens 1pm

Attendees: Eleanor, William, Mahesti, Christine, Elyna, Sympkyn, Ahmed

Apologies: Elize, Vettoria


Officer Briefs /Reports:

Quarterlies happened! Everyone reports on time and there were no significant concerns identified.


Here is a snippet from the quarterlies - please review and comment as needed.

Seneschal: Ildhafn current have 36 member, cluain has 28, regular activities are ongoing and more are planned for this year.  Meetup is working well..


  • Marshal

Heavy:Heavy appears to be going well in Cluain, practice is regular, and they've had a new authorisation recently.

rapier: Weekly practice has resumed for the year, there's interest in the rumoured society level experience in removing puncture resistant clothing and theres been no equipment failures to report.


Had been happening on a ongoing basis, and a small membership of around 4 people in total has been attending.

  • Herald

-it's been an odd transition for our new herald as the previous one moved out of the city a few months ago.-Fiore( SG herald) offered and arranged for us to get a populace badge - this is still with crux now.-there is some interest in registering devices (our B&B and herald all want to do theirs) and so this will likely happen soon.Our herald is currently working on scrolls for both Sir Locan and Countess Beatrice.


  • Arts and Sciences

many things are planned for this year in this space.Several of our members displayed works / taught classes at canterbury Faire.

There has been a small gathering of people meeting at the pop up globe's costuming studio to work on things.  we are in the process of trying to name our monthly get together to allow for more A&S. The Facebook Fantastic Fridays being run on our facebook group has been highlighting work of our group.

  • Reeve

We had one event, St Caths, it made a $50.78 loss (due to a feast budget overspend) Our out of event/regular activity costs was the purchase of cloth to make new wall hangings.

  • Chronicler/Webminister

not a lot to report. The web minister is making tweaks to the look and feel of our website to make it look slightly nicer on desktops and tablets.


Previous event

-Canterbury Faire campsite:

How did it go? Improvements to look towards next year?

New Layout was liked. Moving the shaded area 90 degrees worked well, gave better space usage options.  Supply of sunscreen, maybe a pot similar to the one Ed B uses at his events, Bug repellent, in a bag so it is easy to find.


Upcoming events

-Pennyroyal Picnic  7th April. Drop Dead deputy, Agate volunteered. Advertising to start ASAP. Chuck it out to the larpers, and other metal weapons groups.

-St Sebs rain day Pub Night

Happening on Saturday - Thanks to Sympkyn and Elyna for stepping up when Eleanor had multiple attacks of real life

-Hastilude Rip-off

This Thing needs a name.  Name will be Stuff Day until someone thinks of something else.

Plans for future ones? - goup opinion on putting together supplies eg the illumination paints etc.

Do we want to look into more work shop types things?

-sorting, checking and making an inventory of the quartermaster gear


-History nights

Update? No update yet.

-2019 Demo

Will touch on this each month and build with it. Figure out who our target audience is, and how we’re pulling in other people, etc. Mentioned, need to start planning at a high level

-Bloth Winter event: patrick and edit may be looking at a hungarian themed feast.

-St Caths - update on pencilling site? Eleanor totally failed on this after the last meeting Summer Event: Ian to contact the site to see if we can get it.

-Collegium Shannon event. Shannon not present so no update.


Other Business

-Change of Signatories on the SCA - Barony of Ildhafn bank account Need to arrange to set a date that that at least 2 of the new signitors are available.

-Travelling Baronial Cloaks Discussion around light weight cloaks that will travel well and look good. Conversation about maybe having some very posh ones in SG for faire and offering to hold a set of SG cloaks in Ildhafn.


-Anything else you can think on, Seneschal is having a brain fart.

-New officers required - New Marshall. Get it advertised.


Archery targets: need to targets, ideally light, will not rot given where they are stored, need to take hits well. Search for period styles, touch base with out groups on what they use.


-Pop-up globe options


CG is heading to europe is there anything we want brought back, anything to go over

Signatories on the website. Yes its useful, choose which name you want on there. Also add the info to info given to stewards.


Wendy thinking of doing a desert revel


Meeting closes pmv  1:59pm