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June 2010

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on June 30, 2010 - 5:00pm
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Ildhafn Council meeting: 30th May 2010
Minutes taken by Shannon Wanty.

Present: Katherine Davies (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (A&S Officer), Patrick Bowman (Herald),
Nicola Haliday (Rapier Marshall), Angela Wells (Chatelaine), Vanessa Atkin (potential Reeve),
Matt Mole (Baron), Phil Mason (Constable)
Absent: Everyone else.

Officer Reports received via email: A&S, Chronicler, Chateleine, Herald, Harbour
Master, Rapier Marshall, Marshall

Constable: Nothing much happened. Katherine has lost property from Crescent Fence
to pass over. Phil has lost his cloak.
Seneschal: Barony still exists, Crescent Fence went okay, Coronation stuff seems to be
going well.

Crescent Fence: paste from report. Council okayed covering Silfren’s costs for the event.
Current Seneschal suggests that she needs someone to nag her when stewarding events.
Council agreed unanimously. ;-)

Upcoming Events:

Midwinter Coronation 2010: Ange has been looking at the budget. She’s reconfigured this due to
a couple of things that have worked out as over predictions. Firstly, kitchen hire. Budgeted $100 @
$2 per person for breakeven of 50. Currently have $122 but will cost $135. Van originally costed at
$2, budgeted for Saturday and Sunday, but actual van will cost $360 – have $244 allowed, falling
short by $116 – have extra from site budget (fixed cost), food for royalty (extra $22.88), laundry
was budgeted at $60 (spare $13.20) – so able to cover extra out of 15 extra people for fixed costs
money. Profit from late booking fees will be $244.22 and will not touch that. Will consume roughly
$200 of profit, save $300 of profit. Phil asked what use the van will see Sunday – will be returned
then, and ferrying people to airport. Need it Friday night to get stuff off Quartermaster. Total budget
$3761. Everyone agreed to extra spend.
Food budget: Shannon asked for the rest of the money for this: 15 extra people at $16 for the feast,
Saturday morning tea costs (65 x $3), Sunday morning tea costs (65 x $2), and Sunday lunch costs.
Total comes to $920 remaining. Council okayed.
Still need poles for banners, curtains, and standards. Napkins need hemming and stamping – to be
done this weekend. Coronation lamps coming out of Coro lighting budget. Ange would like rugs.
Katherine has several to lend.
Sunday currently will be held at Cornwall Park, at the band rotunda. Can’t drive stuff onto grass but
can get in touch with security and he will ferry stuff from the carpark to the rotunda. Not supposed
to stick stuff into the ground officially but we managed okay for the fencing tourney recently.
Andrew is looking at getting permission to use the old Carlton Bowling Club in Newmarket, which
is empty – wouldn’t need a list field as there’s already a marked out area and sheltered seating, and
a room as well. Other option looking at Motu Moana, the Scout Den may be available but would
cost $120. We are awaiting confirmation from Andrew about the Bowling Club, Katherine will ring
him to follow up. Currently Cornwall Park in the schedule. Matt suggested the place where they
currently have the market on Sundays at the Alexandra Park Stables. Would be seriously dry but

also a public space, also close enough to check that there’s no-one waiting at Cornwall Park. Plenty
of people interested in the heavy tourney which is good. Nothing Friday night – prep or arriving.
Saturday night All Blacks game at Eden Park – so will be heavy traffic and police around. Ange to
email out a week ahead. Osborne Street Pub (Newmarket) looks likeliest except for the 21st being
held there – they need to confirm and come back. To even section off anywhere would cost $250.
Phil suggested the pseudo-Irish one at Royal Oak – Ange will look at it.
We are short on silver platters, Katherine would like to spend up to $50 on them. Council all
okayed. Ange would like an advance for the van. Council all okayed.

St Catherine’s Faire: Ange’s bid was withdrawn due to conflicting work scheduling. No other
bids. Katherine is still looking at putting one together at the last minute. Phil is happy to help.

Heraldic Symposium: Will happen some time.

Armageddon: Not this year.

Fencing Tourney: Still happening 1st of August. Not much interest from heavies re tourney for
them in the afternoon staffed by fencers – maybe Matt and maybe Derek.

Wooden list field: Do we need it for Coronation? Andrew has costed a steel one for $400. Also
looking at hard board and hard wood ones, pricing these. Matt has some leftover wood that may be
available for use – he will check with Bea re this. We currently have metal corners and rope already
– ugly but functional. There’s also some heavy metal poles somewhere – possibly Derek may have
them. May be too hard given amount of time left until Coronation. Decision is that we don’t need it
at this stage, look at it later. Patrick asked why steel. Katherine commented that Andrew thinks that
this will be more compact and transportable.

Gilmour’s: Katherine is waiting for Gilmours to come back about this.

Group projects: New standards will be arriving from katherine kerr.
Maiolica plates haven’t happened.

Meeting closed 7.56pm

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