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Event proposal - "The Pennyroyal Picnic"

"The Pennyroyal Picnic"Pennyroyal Picnic

Saturday, 7th of April 2018 from 11am

A garbed shared picnic lunch at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.


Auckland Botanic Gardens, 102 Hill Road, Manukau, Auckland 2105

Site Cost

No site cost. The Auckland Botantic Gardens are a council-run public facility. I have checked with the venue's visitor centre to ensure they are ok with what I'm planning. Gardens close at 8pm but I don't imagine we'll run that late.


There is a dedicated carpark, often busy but should be sufficent - I'm sure we can organise a spot of carpooling.
They are in the process of making a new overflow carpark, but if it isn't finished there is also parking on Katote Close, off Charles Prevost Drive, just round the corner (which just means coming in a different entrance).

Inside the Gardens there are public toilets in a few places. 

There is also a cafe on-site in case anyone wants to opt for bought food, or if (for example) emergency coffee is required.

I will create a map showing our specific picnicking spot, and make the map freely available to all attendees. 

Date and time

7th of April 2018

  • Arrive 11am
  • Lunch 1pm
  • Gardens close at 8pm


None. This is a BYO/shared lunch - a casual, garbed event. I don't foresee that any club gear will be needed either. 

Other details

A low key social event, very suitable for newcomers. People may bring A&S projects and crafts to work on, games, and unobtrusive musical instruments (Probably not shawms and suchlike, let's not scare the ducks).

Lots and lots of beautiful places to promenade about displaying one's finery or simply smelling the roses.

There are beautiful gardens and lakes, so if you are interested in getting some portrait-style photographs of yourself in garb this is a great opportunity. And we will make sure there are business cards and flyers so that any enquiries from onlookers can be met with welcoming information - after all this will be a public venue!

Rain plan

There will be no rain date. If it rains the event is cancelled and we'll pick a different weekend.

The decision whether to cancel will be made by Elyna Delynor m.k.a. Wendy Piddington at 6pm on Friday 6th April and will be published on the Ildhafn and Cluain email lists, and the Ildhafn and Cluain Facebook groups. 


  • Steward: Elyna Delynor 
  • Deputy Steward: Sympkyn of the Moor
  • Drop-dead deputy: Mahesti