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August 2010

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on August 30, 2010 - 4:58pm
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Barony of Ildhafn Council Meeting
Sunday 26th September 2010

Meeting opened: 7.39pm

In attendance: Matt Mole (Baron), Bea Mole (Baroness), Katherine Davies (Seneschal),
Shannon Wanty (A&S), Phil Mason (Constable), Patrick Bowman (Herald), Nicola
Haliday (Rapier Marshall), David Robb (Chronicler), Ange Wells (Chatelaine)

Apologies: Vanessa Atkins

Absent: Everybody else

Officer Reports: Covered by Quarterly Reports this month.

Previous Events:

July Coronation: Ange sent through financials for this by email this afternoon. $334 for
us, same for Kingdom.

Upcoming Events:

St Catherine’s Faire: No bids for normal type of St Cath’s, Katherine is looking at
putting together an afternoon/evening feast (Andrew keen to cook) for the last weekend
in November, with a heavy and rapier tourney the next day. Should hopefully resume
as per normal next year. Quite common for groups to have a quiet six months after a
Kingdom event. Less ideal for large Cluain families, but no easy way around this.

Heraldic Symposium: Phil and Patrick both a bit busy at the moment to be doing this,
but still have it in mind.

Canterbury Faire: Stewards are looking at allocating tent space in October, so we need
to get a good idea of numbers plus any special requirements (powered sites) by then.
Bea would like to run a tavern night in the Ildhafn encampment with games playing like
St Cayetano’s, Katherine will bounce this past the Stewards when she’s emailing them
re camping. Matt & Bea are considering bringing down the big tent, but if that doesn’t
happen could maybe have something happen in the big hall.

General Business:

Website: Bea would like to improve the search engine accessibility of the website, as the
group is difficult to find. David says unfortunately we can’t just list a big lot of words
to point people at us as the internet is onto that scheme, best way to do that is to build
content. Patrick reminded everyone that we can all have individual pages or link through
to our personal pages to help with that too. Would be nice to include little bios about
members of the populace. Katherine suggests trying to think of something between 50-

500 words each to add to the website this month. David is happy to proofread and upload,
but not to make content. David suggests everyone write a couple of sentences about
what’s happening with their stuff each month, so we can have a very quick overview of
what’s happening in the barony at the moment.

Baronial Freezer: Bought for $150, arrangement was to have until after Coronation
and then get rid of it on TradeMe. Katherine says Ange is quite keen to buy it at $150.
Council is happy for her to take it. If she doesn’t want it, then offer it on the Ildhafn lists
for a week, if nothing then Shannon to put on TradeMe starting at $150 plus online fee.

Bank Accounts: Vanessa is not so keen to swap to Kiwibank as she’s had several
bad experiences trying to get information from them. David said he’s had trouble with
them but they were moderately better than National Bank to deal with. Patrick is going
to forward Vanessa the information that SCANZ got. Katherine said the point of the
exercise is that we get new signatories and online banking that can be accessed, which
bank we’re with isn’t such a big deal. Currently we’re getting weekly paper statements
which is not that handy or convenient. David commented that it was going to be harder to
change signatories at National than to close the account.

Baronial Regalia: Bea wants to put ties onto the baronial cloaks so that they stay on
better. A slit has to be put in to make them do up. Bea has been tracking down the shields
for the cloaks and Kelsie is putting them back on. There’s three slots for the shields, one
for Lochac, one for the B&B’s devices, and one for the barony’s device. The previous
B&B’s devices are going to go around the rim. Baronial silver fealty chains do not
sit straight, and consequently aren’t worn. Katherine is going to ask on the Laurel list
how people deal with these. Matt thinks the easiest way would be to sew them to their
houppelands. Matt will send Katherine a photo.

Banners/Standards: B&B would like a banner/pennant with the Baronial devices on
them so that they can be identified at events. Four of the standards were made with
Ildhafn’s symbols on, could use one or two of these, or include some of the Cluain ones
as well, or make more of the same. Katherine’s made a case for all of them, but will
make up a bag for a couple of them to go in, unless the heralds come up with something
specific for the B&B. Nicola’s going to set up so that people can work on banners/
standards as they want to over the next six months, can only work on two at the time.
Katherine would like for us to make another giant banner once everything’s been tried
and tested and when we have some time.

Meeting closed: 8.21pm

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