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Saint Catherine's Tournament

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on November 28, 2010 - 7:46pm

On the Sunday of Saint Catherine's, we had a picnic in Cornwall Park, and a tournament to select our new Baronial Fencing Champion. Eleanor Hall arranged the tournament, with assistance from Don William de Cameron, last year's champion.


We had five combatants:

  • His Excellency Don Emrys Twdr, our Baron
  • Don William de Cameron, defending champion
  • Sir Willehelm von Tanneberg
  • Baron Benedict of Askerigg
  • Lord Ludwig von Regensburg


With Lady Caterine de Vantier keeping the Lists, Mistress Katherina Weyssin as Herald, and Her Excellency Beatriz, accompanied by many ladies and gentlemen, watching from the shade, these five demonstrated their skill in the art of defense in a round-robin tournament that was as entertaining to watch as it appears to have been to enter.


The winner was decided only in the final meeting of the final pair of contestants: Don Emrys and Don William. They decided that - as a Champion of Ildhafn should show Learning as well as Prowess - they would fight each bout in a different style. Thus, we were treated to a contest of sword and cloak in the Spanish style of Carranza and Thibault; single sword in the German style of Meyer; and finally sword and dagger in the Italian style of Capo Ferro and Fabris. The contest was close indeed - Emrys and William won one each, so the tournament was decided by the very last bout . . . and Don William de Cameron is our Champion for another year.


After her Excellency had thanked all the combatants for their display, and returned the Blue Cloak of Ildhafn's Rapier Champion to William, all retired to the shade of the trees for a picnic lunch.


Unfortunately, the armoured fighters of Ildhafn were otherwise occupied on the day of the tournament, so Lord Androu le Greyn retains his title as Baronial Heavy-fighting Champion.

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