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All things 15thC

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on November 11, 2010 - 2:18pm

We had a really good group tonight: lots of people, some new, some quite experienced. We're still working our way through the ball list for St Catherine's and CF, making sure it's all fresh.

We started with a quick run through some of the Old Measures, for everyone:

  • The Earl of Essex Measure
  • The Old Almain
  • The Black Almain

Then split into two groups. I took the beginners and taught them a couple of simple but very popular 15th C Italian dances - Amoroso and Rostiboli Gioioso - while William and Caterine taught a much harder dance from the same sources - La figlia de Guglielmino - to Anna and Ludwig.


We managed to find time for some Lavolta practice for William, Ludwig, Caterine and I, before getting the whole group back together for a quick run through:

  • Presonera
  • Rostiboli (two couples and a set of three)
  • Amoroso

All in all - a good evening.



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