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Schedule - St Catherine's 2017


Schedule for St Catherine's Faire and Baronial Investiture - last updated November 11th

Friday the 24th (garb optional)

 Site opens for setup-crew only

 Please, no early arrivals. Another group may be using the site until 4pm.

5:30pm  Site opens for everyone


 Dinner will also be available throughout the evening for those who arrive on site late. 

8pm - late  Informal revelry - music, catching up, etc.


Saturday the 25th




 10am  Court (including Final Baronial Court of Rudiger and Aylenora) 



11am  Ball starts (the ball will be in several sections throughout the day)   Archery



 Baronial Investiture


 Bal d'Argent





 More dancing!

 Bonfire and revelry! 


Sunday the 26th
   Inside  Outside
 8:30am  Breakfast   

 Rondel guild meeting

followed by

 Possible dance class

 Rapier tournament

 Armoured tournament

 (tournament rounds may be interleaved depending on the number of combatants)

 noon  Closing court 
12:30pm  Lunch
 1pm  Pack-up begins
 3pm  Site closes - all off site by 3pm please