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Music session - 20th February 2017

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on February 21, 2017 - 10:02am

Music session - 20th February 2017


Sympkyn of the Moor, hammered dulcimer
Katherine of Glastonbury, harp
William de Cameron, tenor recorder
Elena Harper, rebec and harp

Tunes played:

We had a go at a brand new piece - one of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. I don't know which number is it yet as the melody comes out of a harp book and I have yet to ascertain which of the over 400 cantigas it actually is. Will come back to you on that.

Currently we just have a very simple arrangement. The intention for this is to be a performance piece rather than a dance tune. This being the case I will work on creating various accompaniments so that the instruments that are usually played have some options to work with.

Then our set of:
- Washerwomans bransle
- Pinagay
- Scottish bransle
Played individually to reinforce and then as a set. Still not very fast but getting there. Had fun with washerwomans starting slow and progressively speeding up until all the fingers fell off.

When played in a set of three the bransles become good candidates for playing without dots - if nothing else because having three pages open at once is nigh impossible.

Finished up with a bash through Ly Bens Distonys also.

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