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Spring Feast 2016

What: Middle Eastern themed feast to celebrate the arrival of Spring

When: Saturday 27th August

Where: St John's Church Hall, 47 Church Street, Northcote


Steward: Shannon Wanty/Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona

SCA Membership 83147, exp. Feb 2018

Costeward: David Robb/William de Cameron

Feast Cook: Agate Ponder-Sutton/Maheshti al-Barraniya


1:00pm site opens for steward, set up crew, cooks

5:30pm site opens for attendees

6:00pm feast service begins

8:30pm feast finishes

10:00pm event finishes for pack down

10:30pm site closes


I have calculated costs for break even of 25 people.

Item Total Cost Cost Per Person
Fixed Costs    
Site Hire $300 $12.00
Petrol $60 $2.40
Misc Costs $40 $1.60
Sub Total   $16.00
Non-Fixed Costs    
Food   $16.00
Kingdom Levy   $1.00
Total Cost   $33.00
Proposed Cost for Members   $33.00
Plus Event Membership for non-Members   $2.00

Cost for children is to be $1 per year of age.

Extra Equipment

The kitchen is very small at St John's, with just a standard oven. Rather than hire a bain marie, we will be looking at borrowing gas cook tops and crockpots from those willing to lend them.