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Agenda : May 2016 meeting

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on May 26, 2016 - 3:57pm

Update: April meeting was cancelled due to illness (mine), so this is largely a repeat of April's agenda.

The May meeting will be at 7pm at Katherina's house in Blockhouse Bay, on Sunday the 29th. All are welcome.

Contact Katherina, the seneschal, for the address: $SENESCHAL_EMAIL$ or $SENESCHAL_PHONE$.


Minutes of previous meeting 

Officer reports

On the council mailing list before the meeting, if possible.


Past events

Upcoming events - already approved

Upcoming events - proposals

  • Other - possible feast/revel in August or September.
  • CF - seeking campsite steward

Regular events/practices

  • Monthly A&S in June - Queen's birthday weekend - decision
  • Archery - how's it going?

Fencing, dance (private venture), music, singing: no need to discuss presently, unless brought up at meeting.

Other business

  • Guidelines for meetings - discuss updated version and vote - what counts as quorum, who can vote, etc

Ongoing - discuss only if there's something new to add

  • Chatelaine gear, Loaner feast gear - cull, assemble into kits, (Eleanor, Katherina, Norina) look into bought vs made bags (Katherina)
  • Signs - William de Cameron working on bases (thanks to Willliam de Wyke for getting the bases); store one with W de C (for A&S) one with Norina (for archery)(check suitability with Isabel)
  • Container - Ildhafn may be able to buy and store a container on the CF site (perhaps jointly with Darton)
  • Archery equipment - new butts, loaner gear, especially arrows (Norina)

Anything else ... 

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