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Agenda : March 2016 meeting

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on March 9, 2016 - 10:30am

The March meeting will be at 7pm at Katherina's house in Blockhouse Bay. All are welcome.

Contact Katherina, the seneschal, for the address: $SENESCHAL_EMAIL$ or $SENESCHAL_PHONE$.


Minutes of previous meeting 

 Officer reports

On the council mailing list before the meeting, if possible.


Past events

  • Ildhafn at CF (finalise)

Upcoming events - already approved

Upcoming events - proposals

Regular events/practices

  • monthly A&S at hall - review, discuss future plans - how many to book, what to charge, when to review, run on Queen's birthday weekend?, etc
  • Social Sunday / A&S open-home
  • Archery

(Fencing, music and singing seem to be doing just fine: no need to discuss. Dancing is a private venture).

Other business

  • Financial committeevote in new financial committee (suggest: signatories + baron/ess)
  • Guidelines for meetings - discuss and vote - what counts as quorum, who can vote, etc
  • Loaner feast gear (bought from Vettoria) - assembling into kits, possible sale to newcomers, making/buying bags
  • Signs - they need edging, and some work to make signs and bases play nicely together; consider storing some separately for use at A&S, archery, etc.
  • Container - Ildhafn may be able to buy and store a container on the CF site (perhaps jointly with Darton) - discuss


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