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Friday November 4th

Garb optional - no stress about changing as soon as you arrive.

Dinner will be available whenever people arrive, even the wee small hours.

Informal revelry, music, and catching up. 


Dance classes, music classes, and rehearsals. 

Tournaments: there will be three slots (Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning) for three tournaments: fencing, archery and armoured combat. The lists will be available for pickups, and the range for casual shooting, at other times.

There may be arts and sciences classes on topics other than music and dance as well.

There will be a light, informal dinner before the evening's festivities.

Saturday evening

Great hall - Bal d'Argent - a splendid ball with a white-and-silver theme, with touches here and there of Lochac's red and blue. 

Bonfire - under the oaks - revelry and merriment

Supper - a sumptuous supper, mid evening, for all revelers


More classes and a tournament, lunch, then a quick pack-up.


Tentative schedule for St Catherine's Faire and the Bal d'Argent - last updated March 5th

Friday the 4th (garb optional)

 Site opens for setup-crew

No early arrivals. Another group may be using the site until 4pm.

5:30pm Site opens for everyone


Dinner will also be available throughout the evening for those who arrive on site late.

8pm - late  Informal revelry - music, catching up, etc.


Saturday the 5th
  inside outside  
 8am  breakfast    
 9am  classes and rehearsals - dance and music Lists open  Range opens
 10am First tournament  Archery
 11:30am chance for people who wish to join the Silver Rondel to demonstrate their skill    
 noon  lunch    

classes and rehearsals - dance and music


Lists open  

Second tournament




5:30 pm  light dinner available before festivities    
7pm  bal d'Argent begins

Bonfire setup




9pm-late more dancing! Bonfire and revelry!  


Sunday the 4th
  inside outside
 8am  breakfast  
 9am  Silver Rondel Guild meeting lists open
 10am classes and rehearsals - dance and music Third tournament
 noon  lunch, closing court 
 1pm  pack-up   
 3pm  site closes - all off site by 3pm