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Site - Hunua Falls

The proposed event site is Hunua Falls Camp (203 Falls Road, Hunua, Auckland). It's an extremely well-appointed, well-maintained campsite, with a large hall, plentiful accommodation, good facilities for SCA use, and beautiful and extensive grounds.

We ran our first substantial, weekend-long event at this site in June 2013, then another for May Crown in 2015, and in both cases had extremely positive feedback from those who attended.


Directions from North and South, and from airport; maps.


  • comfortable bunkrooms for 120 with 4-6 people per room (more if tents and portaloos are added)
  • several small lounges, etc for classes and rehearsals
  • superb kitchen
  • great hall that will easily accommodate over 100 
  • good floor for dancing, good acoustics
  • chapel allows a second large dance-space
  • tables and chairs for over 120
  • beautiful surroundings for tournaments, archery, etc
  • excellent facilities - plentiful, well-appointed bathrooms, scullery, laundry, etc
  • relatively close to Auckland airport (and thus accessible by direct flights from most cities in Australasia)
  • bonfire under the oak trees
  • nearby swimming hole


Hunua Falls is nestled in rolling hills at the base of the Hunua Ranges, a little South of the Auckland metropolitan area. It's between pretty farmland and a large forested reserve.

It's about 40km, or a 45 minute drive, from Auckland airport (depending on traffic, obviously). It's 5 minutes from Hunua (a small village), and 15 minutes from Papakura (the nearest substantial town/suburb).

It's convenient for the Barony of Ildhafn, as it falls between the two main population centres - the cities of Auckland and Hamilton.


Extensive collections of photos, showing various aspects of the site.



The bunkrooms at Hunua Falls are either quite new, and sleep four or five (one bed is a double) (see left); or slightly older and sleep six (see right).

Each bunkroom has a heater: built in, with timers, for the newer rooms; and small portable fan-heaters for the older rooms. In both cases, the bunks are long enough for even tall adults to sleep in relative comfort (we tested this with a gentleman who is well over six feet).

All bunk rooms have power-points.

They are quite spacious: plenty of room for suitcases, etc.


The site provides the bed, mattress, and heater. Attendees bring their own bedding - sheets, blankets, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.

We'll have a mailing list for travellers to ask locals to bring loaner bedding for them. 


There is room for people to camp if they prefer it to bunking. However, the cost is the same, and there is limited time for set-up and pack down: we have the site only from 4:30pm on Friday, and we must be entirely off site by 3pm on Sunday. Those in tents will need to provide their own beds, as well as bedding - the site's mattresses may be used only in the bunkrooms.

We expect most people will prefer the bunkrooms.

We are not providing hire-tents.

Toilets and showers

There are several toilet and shower blocks, and instant (gas) hot-water. 

Most of the showers are on 3-minute timers.

All water on site is potable.


Dance classes will be held in the great hall (large, good floor) and the chapel (moderately-large, lovely floor, no shoes). 

Music classes and rehearsals will be held in the lounge (comfortable, small kitchen attached). Extra music classes may be held in the upstairs lounge. 


The list field will be set up immediately outside the great hall for a fencing tournament and a heavy-armoured tournament. At other times it will be available for pick-up fights and classes.

Archery will be under the pines, by the river. 


The Bal D'Argent will be in the great hall on Saturday evening. It's large (seats 120 easily) and has a good floor for dancing, and good acoustics. 


Just down the hill from the great hall is a stand of oaks, with a bonfire pit underneath. There will be revelry aplenty outdoors as well as in.


The site is quite well-equipped for people with disabilities. Flat, paved pathways link all the buildings. There is ramp-access to all the buildings (except perhaps, from memory, the chapel; and the upstairs bedrooms and lounge above the kitchen). There are two disabled-access bathrooms. The bunkrooms are spacious.

There are some steep areas on the site, but the major parts of the event will all be held on the flat area.



We will be negotiating with the site regarding alcohol consumption; more details will be available closer to the event. 


This is a non-smoking site.

Please refrain from smoking in the buildings or on the grounds. Any who wish to smoke may do so off-site at the end of the driveway (about 100m from the main hall): it's a pleasant, safe area by a quiet road.


The custodian of the site allows us limited use of naked flames, with suitable safety-precautions. For the Bloth and May Crown 2015, we used oil-lamps, but no candles.

Sunset in Auckland is about 5:30pm in early May, and about 8pm in early November.


Parking is somewhat limited (about 40 vehicles). Car-pool if you can, park efficiently, and follow the instructions of the parking-warden.


No pets on site. There are possum-traps and bait in the area, so the site forbids animals.

Nearby Amenities

The nearest town of any sort is Hunua. It's very small, but has a superette and a bottle-shop.

The nearest substantial town is Papakura, about fifteen minutes drive away. Papakura is a well-equipped suburb, with supermarkets, restaurants, banks, medical centre and so on.

We advise travellers to acquire whatever NZ currency they need at the airport when they arrive. There are both ATMs and currency-exchangers near the arrivals area at Auckland International Airport.

We recommend a stop in Papakura on your way to the site if you wish to visit a supermarket, chemist, bottle-shop, or other convenience.

Other Local Attractions

Getting to site - travellers

We recommend that those flying in either hire a car (very reasonable rates are available for weekend hires from the airport) or organise to car-pool with someone else who is hiring a car. It's far more economical than the other options. 

We'll also have a mailing list so you can also locals for a ride.