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18th of October

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on February 14, 2016 - 4:11pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Nicola (Chatelaine), Shannon M. (Herald), Katherine (Web), Nadia (Rapier), David (A&S),  David (A&S), Alasdair, Chantelle.


Apologies: Robb (Marshal), Nora (Reeve)



Opened: 7:10

Reports: None

Seneschal / Matters Arising:


Past Events


Upcoming Events

St Caths: Both Chantelle and Katherine provided proposals.  Decision to run with Chantelle's picnic (28th of November) and postpone Katherine's for use another day.

November Crown (Katherine & David): Proposed date is Guy Fawke's day - need to add explosives to the proposal.

Calendar:  Swap A&S venues.  Need to publicise dates of summer shutdown for fencing/music.  Cancel December meeting; deal with CF electronically. 


Other Business:

Loaner gear (Nicola): Strange collection of unmatched stuff.  Unwanted stuff to be sold for donation at suitable event. Purchase of sets from Shannon - Patrick approved to buy up to $100 worth of loaner feast gear.  Also approved to buy ss plates up $150.

Random idea (Josh via Chantelle): Josh to take promotional material to Armageddon.

Sunday meetings: Discussion on mailing list.  David to lead.

Stuff (Katherine): Warning that we will want to purchase stuff if we get Crown.

Closed: 8:02

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