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Ildhafn at Canterbury Faire, 2016

Date and Time: 
Friday, January 15, 2016 - 00:00 to Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 00:00

Canterbury Faire is the largest SCA event in New Zealand, and is a favourite event and annual holiday for many members of the Barony of Ildhafn.

For more information, as it becomes available, see the Southron Gaard website. Read on, to camp or eat with Ildhafn.




To camp with Ildhafn

  • put "Ildhafn" as your camp-site when you book for the event
  • read the rest of this page
  • fill out the ILDHAFN CAMPSITE FORM by Jan 7th

Tent space

We're in the same place as 2015: between the A-frame toilet block and the amphitheatre.

The campsite may be quite cosy: talk to Katherina or William de Cameron before you set up your tent (by email, if you're arriving on Thursday).

Common gear: 

The sunshades, our lovely new tables and benches, and the other stuff the barony stores at CF are there for all of use. Use them freely, leave them tidy. 

Loaner feast gear

There are 7+ sets of loaner feast gear stored at CF. First-in gets the gear, with a slight preference for newcomers and anyone else with a particular need. I'll contact those who book gear in the weeks before the event to confirm.

Each set contains:

  • metal bowl
  • metal plate
  • glass tumbler
  • knife, fork and spoon

Campsite fee - $20

This money goes towards: partially reimbursing those who bring down the sunshades and furniture for their extra costs, lighting, cleaning gear, storage, gas for tea and coffee, and making new stuff for future Faires. 

Suggested amounts:
  • camping with Ildhafn, whole week - $20
  • camping with Ildhafn, few days - $10
  • bunking, but treating Ildhafn as your campsite - $10-20, as seems fit

Campsite chores

There will be a minimal chores-roster as usual: a quick tidy-up of the common areas of the campsite, somewhere in the week (plus help with food if you're eating).


Food - book by Dec 20th

Many people from Ildhafn will be eating in the hall on the meal-plan, and attending the feast: you will have booked for this when you booked for the event.

Eating in camp

There are several food options in camp. You need to book for each of them separately. 

  • Breakfasts (Book here)
    • Braythewayte Brekkies (Saturday-Thursday: $5 per day - so $30 for all six days)
    • Honey apple spice buns (Saturday-Thursday: $2 per bun per day - so $12 for a bun every day)
  • Lunches and dinners (Book here)
    • Ildhafn in-camp meal-plan (Friday-Thursday: lunches $6, dinners $7 - so $91 for the whole week)

Braythwayte Brekkies

Ed is once again offering to manage cooked breakfasts in camp, from Saturday to Thursday.

$5 per day (so $30 for all six breakfasts) - bacon, eggs, mushrooms, fruit salad, etc. BYO drinks.

Everyone will help out: two helpers for cooking, two for cleaning. I'll assign chores - swap them if the times don't suit you.


The Bunsmiths will be selling their famous Honey Apple Spice Buns again this year. You can buy them direct at faire, or you can pre-order them, and have them delivered to our campsite. $2 per bun, available Saturday-Thursday. 

I recommend getting an extra bun on Thursday, and saving it for Friday morning!

Lunches and dinners

Lady Aveline has generously extended her cooking plans to a small meal-plan for those of us not on the main event meal-plan. Numbers are limited - first preference goes to those who have already discussed it with Aveline or Katherina by email. This will run Friday-Thursday; you can book for some meals only.

The food will be simple, hearty, and easy to prepare. Everyone will need to cook - most likely two meals, and clean up two meals. 

Other food options:

Breakfast is provided every day in the main hall (porridge and fruit). That's part of your event fee. Cooked breakfasts in camp, and buns, are optional-extra breakfast options; that you arrange and pay for separately.

There is an event meal-plan - you will have had the option to book for that when you booked for CF, if you did it early. It's now full. This one is a back-up meal plan for those who didn't get in to the event meal plan. 

You can also self-cater (you can use the Ildhafn gear, sharing with others), or eat with other groups. 

Other meals:

None of these plans cover breakfast on set-up and pack-down Friday: arrange your own, or make up an informal plan. The group gear will be packed early on the last Friday morning, or after dinner on Thursday, so plan something with minimal need for cooking.

There might be a chippie-run on the first Thursday night: talk to whoever has a car on site. Bring cash.

Tea and coffee

The gas burners are available for all to use. There will probably be basic tea bags and instant coffee. BYO if you're at all picky. Talk to Ed about using milk. If you want lots (e.g. for hot chocolates) you'll probably need to bring your own (or ask someone to). 

Food for kids:

Kids to about 11 cost 1/2 adult price. I'll discuss the details as needed with any parents.



  • Katherina Weyssin - camp steward
  • Edward Braythewayte - breakfast shopping and planning (we all cook)
  • Aveline Goupil - lunch and dinner shopping and planning (we all cook)