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Second Brickstitch Pouch

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on November 3, 2015 - 11:10am

Second Brick Stitch Pouch

Period: 14th- 15th Century Germany

Inspiration: Heavily inspired by an extant pouch in the Victoria and Albert Museum but not an exact copy.

The original pouch

For more information about brick stitch pouches and construction please see my post about the first pouch



Description of original from museum entry:

“Plied White linen thread and coloured silks in satin stitch on linen’


Materials used in copy:

·         Even weave linen for foundation fabric

·        Silk thread for embroidery, tassels and lacing cord

·        Undyed linen thread for construction (including eyelets)

·         White linen fabric for lining






·         8 cm high (3.14 inches)

·         8 cm across (3.14 inches)



·         10.5cm high (4.13 inches)

·         8.5 cm across (3.34 inches)


Differences between original and copy



The copy is rectangular instead of square as I forgot to take into account the band across the top when measuring up my embroidery


My even weave linen is slightly larger than the ground used in the original so my pattern has scaled up by .5 cm


The linen band across the top is wider




The pattern is centred more than the original to appeal to modern aesthetics (as stitching something not centred would drive me insane)




I have used white silk thread instead of plied linen as I forgot about it when I was buying thread.





The pouch is constructed with the fold at the bottom and not at the side of the pouch as although it was initially intended to be on the side I realised that my stitches were running in the incorrect direction.


Instead of just piercing holes in the top for the lacing cord I have put in eyelets as the linen tears easily and I did not think that it would withstand a great deal of use without them


The insertion of eyelets let to widening of the top band


The lacing cord has not survived so one was constructed in silk using finger loop braid as seen on other extant pouches



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