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Chores - proposal

We'll ask everyone who attends the event to do a chore or two, as is customary in the Crescent Isles.

A person will be assigned to manage the chores roster: assigning chores before the event, publishing the chores roster and dealing with any conflicts, making sure people know where they need to be and what they're supposed to do at the event itself.

We will:

  • ask people about their preferences on the booking form
  • assign chores immediately after bookings close, attempting to take personal preferences and schedules into account
  • publish the roster on the Ildhafn website (about a week before the event)
  • email people directly with their assigned chores
  • assist people in making swaps and resolving schedule conflicts, if necessary
  • as people sign in, give them a slip of paper with their name and chores printed on it, including when and where they need to be, who they report to, and what they're expected to do
  • check in periodically over the weekend, to make sure cooks (and others) have the help they need, and politely remind people who have lost track of time of their duties

This system has worked well for us in the past. Being such a small group, we very much need the help of all who attend the event, not just the locals; but we want to manage that in such a way that everyone has a good time, no-one is overly burdened, and no-one is left wondering what's expected of them.


The Chores roster will be very similar to that used for May Crown 2015.