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The Bloth 2015 - Event Proposal

Date and Time: 
Saturday, June 13, 2015 - 18:00 to 23:00

Ildhafn's Baronial Anniversary

The Bloth 2015 
Steward: Katherine of Glastonbury
Co-Steward: Anna de Wilde
Proposed date: Saturday 13th June
Time: 5pm Hall opens
           6pm Event starts
           11pm Event ends
           12am Hall closes
Location: Avondale Lions Hall, 1650 Great North Road, Avondale, Auckland.
Budget: Hall hire is $25/hr, so $175 for the 7 hours we'll be planning to use it. 
               If we have a break even of 20 people (175 Emoji 20 = 8.75)
               Kingdom Levy $1pp
               Misc costs $1pp
Event will cost $11 per person, plus bringing a plate of food.
Plus $2 event membership for non-members
Payment by direct debit preferred
Bookings through the website.
Anna will coordinate organised pot-luck feast, have list of suggested dishes people can choose from, or they can let us know on their booking form what they want to bring.
Event description:
Pot-luck feast, most likely involving some social dancing, singing, entertainment, and board games if people wish to bring them. 
*Notes about changes to this proposal before event was advertised:
  - Change in pricing (extra $1per adult for misc costs after discussion on Council list)
  - We'd forgot to take children into consideration. Decided to charge $2 per child under the age of 18.