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The Bloth 2015 Report

Steward: Katherine of Glastonbury

Deputy Steward: Anna de Wilde

Location: Avondale Lions Hall

We were initially told we would be unable to use candles and oil lamps in the hall, which somewhat panicked the stewards, but after some follow up negotiation we were granted permission, much to our relief. 
As a first introduction to stewarding an event, I was glad with how the evening ran overall, largely due to Anna's experience and also the support of Katherina, William and Ludwig, and everyone who attended. 
We had a wonderful selection of food made by the populace and everyone seemed to be happy and have a good time.
There were two performances (Ludwig; myself and Elena) and some social dancing led by Katherina. 
The event wrapped up earlier than anticipated, due to people needing to head home, but worked out better for everyone, I think, on a cold, rainy midwinter evening. 
I was a little worried the event would be a little devoid of things to keep people amused, but after our last event being so full, I certainly enjoyed being able to spend time with friends and not have too much going on. 
Among the things I learned from this event was to remember to ask people arriving significantly later than everyone else to sign in, so we had one event-member who wasn't signed in, which was realised after the event. 
As a note for next time, if factoring petrol costs into the budget, make sure it has it's own line item instead of being included in misc costs. 
Adult Members: 21 booked, 19 attended (two non-attendees (William & Catalina), Elenor's place taken by Isabel)
Adult Event-Members: 3 booked, 3 attended
Under 18's: 2 booked, 2 attended (4yr & 11 yr)
Outgoing Costs
Hall Hire $ 137.50 (under budget by $37.50 as we were out by 10:30 instead of 12)
Event Memberships $6 (3 x $2)
Kingdom Levy $24 (24 x $1)
Misc. Costs:
-Dishwashing liquid, paper towels, matches ($7.28)
-50 tea lights ($8.10)
-Laundry detergent ($4.69)*
Notes on misc. costs: 
*I washed the tea towels and tablecloths at home, so as thank you to my parents I used the laundry budget to buy detergent (which was on sale) to replace what was used.  
Total Misc. Costs $20.07 (Budgeted misc. costs was $52) 
Total Outgoing Costs $187.57
Adult Members $252 (21 x $12)
Event Members $42 (3 x $14)
Under 18's $4 (2 x $2)
Total Income $298
Profit $110.43