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29th of March

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on April 22, 2015 - 11:07pm
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In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Nora (Reeve), Katherine (Web), Nadia (Rapier), Shannon M (Herald), Angela, Yvonne


Apologies: Robb (Marshal), Nicola (Chatelaine), David (A&S)

Opened: 7-ish


A&S (David): The various practices (dance, music) are happening. A&S Sundays are under way. A music performance/jam evening is being planned.

Web (Katherine): Wednesday music now on the regular calendar too.

Rapier (Nadia): Despite constant practise, the have been no deaths.

Herald (Shannon): I have not yet had a formal investiture.

Quatermaster (Patrick): We currently have some very heavy boxes packed with gear (platters etc) we don't always use in total.

Seneschal / Matters Arising:

Kingdom Seneschal has sent out a list of minimum requirements of minutes for Australian groups.  For the most part we already adhere to those standards (although we don't necessarily need to).  One missing aspect of our meetings is a formal approval of the previous meeting's minutes.  The other is our lack of formal moving and seconding of motions for votes.

Action: Include the acceptance of the minutes in all future meetings.

Buying bowls: Shannon has bought bowls.

Action (Quatermaster): Investigate sensible units of kitchen/serving gear packaging.

Past Events:

St Caths (Ange):

33 adults booked for the full event

2 adults booked for the full event (Crown)
10 adults partial event bookings
2 children over 12yo
1 child under 11yo
2 children under 5yo
1 adult day tripper member
2 adult day trippers non-members
Out of the adults attending 10 were non members and 4 paid late fees
Kingdom Levy = 48 adults
Event memberships = 10 adults
Total income in from the event: $3560.02
Total outgoings: $2932.50
Profit: $627.50
$90 was budgeted for petrol and I would like this to be paid to Shannon McColley, as I relied heavily on her trailer to get gear to a from the event.  I have the receipt for the $30, but not the other $60.  Shannon did give me the receipt for the $60 but I lost it. 
$40 was budgeted for set up lunch for those that were there on the Friday. Patrick Bowman went and got pies.  I forgot to ask him for the receipt, but I would like the council to pay him the $40 for the lunches he got for the set up crew.  [Note: Patrick forewent this re-embursement and donated lunch.]
$70 was budgeted for laundry, I would like this to be paid to my flatmate Carol Cosgrave, as she spent her time and effort and our water and laundry detergent over Christmas to wash and fold all the tablecloths and tea towels that we dirty.
The profit is made up by the cooks who did not spend all that they were allocated (mostly due to getting good deals), late fees, and the bulk of the profit was made from the bunking versus tenting fee.
I have attached a spreadsheet of all the incomings and outgoings that I can see on the bank account.  The only things that are not in the bank account is the payments that need to be made for the Petrol, Laundry, and Set-up Lunch on Friday.

Canterbury Faire (Patrick): General consensus that we are happy with new campsite: will try to maintain our position for next year.  $405.15 expenses for breakfast will be easily covered by money raised (but I haven't yet added that up).  We took $310 in campsite tax, would like to re-emburse Roger and Liz for transporting stuff, along the same lines as last year's agreement.

Action: Reemburse Roger & Liz for travel expenses ($200).

Katherine: We do not yet know the fee for site storage. Roger and Ed want to make furniture for us.  We had previously decided on a budget of $800 (delivered), so that is the range within which they have to work.

Upcoming Events:
May Crown 2015 (Katherine): 

About 100 bookings.  At this point we could drop back to 90, or could hit cap of 120.  The new custodians are not keen on alcohol at the site.  David is pursuing this with this owners [It would be a bit grim to have to toast the victors with water - Patrick].  Amy has a bar licence, in case that becomes useful.  We had previously decided to purchase wicker baskets to serve lunch on, but the stainless steel plates we have found are of similar price.

Action: Buy another set of 72 platter for $144.

Action: Ange to price set of teaspoons & soupspoons.

Need to check tablecloths - we may need to purchase/hire additional.

David has repaired the blue throne.  Bastian is making buttons as tokens.  We have "bugger all" mobile coverage at the site (so no live streaming/blogging).  The custodian will at the feast on Saturday.

Ange: I'm still looking for lunch cook for Sunday.

Music Salon (Katherine): Saturday 11th of April at my place.

Rest of the Year:

Patrick: I'm looking for proposals for the Bloth and St Caths.

Katherine: I'm thinking about a music focussed collegium in the second half of year.

Ange: Ditto Tavern event.

Yvonne: What are we doing in public or specifically for recruitment?

Stream of consiousness:  Potluck? Have-a-go?  Community activities?  Cosplay picnic?  Santa parade?  Steampunk? Couch surfers?  "Meet up"?


Other Business
Insurance (Ange):  SCANZ seeks expressions of interest in group property insurance. Action: Patrick to estimate value of assets.

Fealty Chains: $AU188 for additional lymphad medallions was approved on the list.
Note: Get B&B to wear them.

Officers: Seneschal needs to advertise for replacements Reeve & Marshal, who have both served their term.

Argent Court event - ACDC: First weekend of July (probably).

Next meeting: 26th of April.

Meeting Close: 8:41

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