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Monday Music 30/03

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on March 30, 2015 - 8:35pm


Eleanor, Katherine of Glastonbury


Music played:

Black Alman



Katherine on Sap with Harp - did not place accidentals in second section

Eleanor on tenor with tenor recorder. changed last note to a g instead of Bb to match the g chord played by harp to give piece for 'final' sound


Lorraine Alman

Katherine: Sap on Harp

Eleanor:  Tenor on Tenor recorder.


Earl of Essex Measure - first half

Katherine: Sap on Harp

Eleanor:  Tenor on Tenor recorder - removed the second semi quaver in bar 5 and played the B as a quaver as her fingers cannot move that fast on recorder.


Plan for next week - 

review all three pieces and work on second half of earl of essex measure


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