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St Catherine's Faire - 2014 Report

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This is the report that I sent through to the Ildhafn Council email list on the 2nd of February 2015.

Here are the numbers

33 adults booked for the full event

2 adults booked for the full event (Crown)

10 adults partial event bookings

2 children over 12yo

1 child under 11yo

2 children under 5yo

1 adult day tripper member

2 adult day trippers non-members

Out of the adults attending 

10 were non members

4 paid late fees

Kingdom Levy = 48 adults

Event memberships = 10 adults

Total income in from the event - $3560.02

Total outgoings - $2932.50

Profit - $627.50

$90 was budgeted for petrol and I would like this to be paid to Shannon McColley, as I relied heavily on her trailer to get gear to a from the event.  I have the receipt for the $30, but not the other $60.  Shannon did give me the receipt for the $60 but I lost it. 

$40 was budgeted for set up lunch for those that were there on the Friday. Patrick Bowman went and got pies.  I forgot to ask him for the receipt, but I would like the council to pay him the $40 for the lunches he got for the set up crew.

$70 was budgeted for laundry, I would like this to be paid to my flatmate Carol Cosgrave, as she spent her time and effort and our water and laundry detergent over Christmas to wash and fold all the tablecloths and tea towels that we dirty.


The profit is made up by the cooks who did not spend all that they were allocated (mostly due to getting good deals), late fees, and the bulk of the profit was made from the bunking versus tenting fee.

I have linked a spreadsheet of all the incomings and outgoings that I can see on the bank account here.  The only things that are not in the bank account is the payments that need to be made for the Petrol, Laundry, and Set-up Lunch on Friday.

There are notes against the payments that required a breakdown of what was paid.

The event was a good one overall.  People enjoyed themselves.  The downside was the campsite, Camp Sladdin.  There were issues throughout the event due to problems with the site, from no gas for the gas burners, to none of the power outlets working in the bunkrooms.  The site is old, and while it is cheap, we might have to look for another site.  It is a shame as the site is very cost effective, which allows us to keep breakeven numbers and event fee low for a fully catered weekend event.



Lady Anna de Wilde