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St Sebastian's 2015

St Sebastians 2015

Booking details

Please fill out one form for every person attending the event, including each child or infant.

Your SCA name. Leave blank if you have not chosen an SCA name.
Name of parent or adult guardian who will be attending the event
Child's age in years
Which overseas SCA organisation are you a member of?

You can join the SCA now and avoid the hassle of event-membership.

If you're associated with a particular SCANZ branch, or with another re-enactment group, which one?

Contact details

We need to be able to contact you. An email address is perfect (you will recieve a confirmation of your booking by email, if you give one), a phone number will do, and both would be a luxury.

Please be aware of the points listed below, thank you.

The house kitchen is not available for self-catering.
There is a fridge in the garage for you to store perishables.
There will be an above-ground fire (medieval BBQ) available and you may be able to use the gas burners in the kitchen tent if they are not in use by the meal plan cooks.
There will be hot water available for washing up.
You are welcome to have your own cooking fire provided that the area you use is left in the same condition it was when you arrived.
If you want to bring your own gas cooker or BBQ then please do your cooking in the patio area or out of sight of the period encampment.
You will need to bring your own pot and pans etc.
Meal plan cooks take priority at all times.

Direct deposit is preferred. Generally, payment in advance is required to secure your booking, but if you're coming from overseas, ask the steward about paying in cash on the day. Please note: Payment is required by close of bookings which is 21st Feb. Cancellations made after 21st Feb are non-refundable unless approved by council.
If you are paying as part of a group, who'll be making the payment, and for how many people? E.g. "Fred, for 2 adults and 3 kids". This will make it easier for us to identify who has paid.