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Canterbury Faire Ildhafn campsite 2015

Date and Time: 
Saturday, January 17, 2015 - 00:00 to Sunday, January 25, 2015 - 00:00

Canterbury Faire is the largest SCA event in New Zealand, and is a favourite event and annual holiday for many members of the Barony of Ildhafn.

For more information, as it becomes available, see the Southron Gaard website. Read on, to camp with Ildhafn.

To camp with Ildhafn:

  • put "Ildhafn" as your camp-site when you book for the event
  • read the rest of this page
  • fill out the ILDHAFN CAMP-SITE FORM

Also fill out camp form if you're sleeping elsewhere, but still using the campsite with us.


Tent space

We still have not been assigned our campsite space.  This is still in negotiations with the CF Steward.  Will update as soon as I know.

Anna will plan the campsite. Talk to her before you set up your tent.

Common area: sunshade and tables

Cluain's sunshade and Rudiger and Aleynora's tables make a pleasant common area for all in the campsite (and our visitors).

Use them, but tidy up after yourself.

Common gear:

Here's the stuff the barony stores at CF.

Use it freely; clean it and put it back when you've finished.

Loaner feast gear

There are 8 sets of loaner feast gear stored at CF. First-in gets the gear, with a slight preference for newcomers and anyone else with a particular need. I'll contact those who book gear in the week before the event to confirm.

Each set contains:

  • metal bowl
  • metal plate
  • glass tumbler
  • knife and fork and spoon

Campsite fee - $20 - compulsory.

I'd like to reimburse at least a decent chunk of the extra expense Rudiger and Aleynora are incurring by bringing a trailer (adding a trailer adds about $160 each way to the ferry costs just to start).

Having the use of the sunshade and tables makes my Faire a lot more comfortable, and the decision was made that this would become a compulsory fee if you are camping with us.  
Please use your name and "CF campsite Fee" in the reference fields.

We'll use those fees to reimburse some or all of the ferry tickets for the trailer. If there's excess, it will be ear-marked for future CF purchases for the group.

Fee required:
  • camping with Ildhafn, whole week - $20
  • camping with Ildhafn, few days - $10
  • bunking, but treating Ildhafn as your campsite - $10-20, as seems fit


Most Ildhafners go on the event meal-plan. That covers most meals. Ed is organising cooked breakfasts from Monday to Saturday please book here.



  • Anna de Wilde - Deputy Campsite Steward (set up/packdown)
  • Ludwig von Regensburg - Campsite Steward
  • Edward Braythewayte - breakfast cook