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Cooked breakfast at Canterbury Faire

I will be cooking breakfasts at Canterbury Faire 2015 (Monday through to Saturday)

The cost will be $5 per breakfast. For this you get fresh fruit salad, eggs, bacon and mushrooms, bread and butter.

Breakfast will normally be served between 8 and 9am. All orders must be placed in advance via this booking form.

Payment should be made to the Ildhafn bank account:


Yes please, I like to start my day with a fine breakfast!

Total number of breakfasts required

I will need a helper for prep and a cleaner-upper each day. Hopefully you will only need to do one breakfast chore for the week. Chores will be allocated depending on the number of meals ordered so if you only want 1 or 2 breakfasts you probably will not have chore to do but please still indicate your preference just in case.

Preferred chore