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Aug-Oct A&S report

Submitted by William de Cameron on November 14, 2014 - 9:49pm

The highlight of this quarter must be the weekend event held in Rotorua, at which Master Braythwayte once again opened up his lands and workshop to all those who would make use of them. Hurrah!

Regular weekly events

Sunday A&S gatherings this year have been rotated around 4 different houses throughout each month. This has worked fairly well, and it will be interesting to see if there is a desire to continue it next year from those who have offered their places, and those attending.

Monday night music practice happens occasionally, but has had a number of cancellations due to people being busy/sick/away.

Wednesday singing continues, and the group has been working on a variety of pieces.

Thursday dancing has variable numbers attending - anywhere from 4 to more than 10!

Most practices will stop over summer, for the period between St Catherine's Faire (at the start of December) and Canterbury Faire (late January), although informal practices may take place during this time.

At the January council meeting, there will be a discussion about the practices that people wish to offer next year, and a draft schedule prepared. 

Distributed library project

Nothing has happened on this yet, due to other time commitments.

I am looking at setting up, either on the Baronial website or using another tool like LibraryThing, some system where people can choose to list which books they've got that they're prepared to let other people use or borrow. I hope that this might help people access some of the rarer or more expensive books which exist in the Barony but that people might not know are around.


Canton of Cluain

No report received, however Master Braythwayte very cunningly enticed people to come and camp at his property during Labour Weekend, at which a vast number of people made use of his workshop and produced all sorts of things. The arts of Building Things are clearly alive and well in Cluain.