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Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on September 13, 2014 - 10:35am

Back to dancing after a short break.

This is an excellent time to start dancing if you would like to learn, or brush up, before the balls at St Catherine and Canterbury Faire.

I'll be running weekly classes until St Catherine's (early December) and then taking December and January off, as usual.

In this period the first - open - hour will be easier dances, as usual. The second - advanced - hour will be harder dances, but will not be restricted to experienced students. It will be an introduction to 16th century Italian dances: new students are welcome, but there will be a lot to learn, and it will be fairly physically challenging (not suitable if you are likely to injure knees or ankles). For experienced dancers this will be a good opportunity to brush up your 16thC Italian basics: get those trabuchetti just perfect!

Open hour:

  • Earl of Essex Measure
  • Lorrayne Almain
  • Black Almain
  • Pease branle
  • Shoes branle
  • Washerwomen's branle
  • Branle de la Montarde

Advanced hour:

Introduction to basic 16th century Italian steps

  • Riverenza
  • Continenza
  • Passo
  • Puntata (slow and fast)
  • Seguito ordinario
  • Spezzato (straight and turning)
  • Trabuchetto
  • Ripresa
  • Cadenza

Then the cascarda La Castellana

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