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Meyer Longsword - stances

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on May 26, 2010 - 12:12pm

(Patrick's Notes)   This is a list of the stances we practised:

From high to low

  • Vom Tag (from the Roof / Day) 
  • Lincks or Recht or Overhead (which I think we wound up calling "Oberhut")
  • Kron (Crown) It's listed in Meyer as a strike (Kronhau) made from a low guard (e.g. Pflug) in response to and Oberhau and leading to a short-edge cut.
  • Ochs (Ox)
  • Langort (Longpoint)
  • Eisenport (Irongate)
  • Pflug  (Plow)   One thing about this is that Meyer seems to classify left or right based on which foot is forward (  Hence, when in Pflug Lincks your sword is on your right hand side.
  • Alba (Fool)
  • Wechsel (Changer)  For some reason we've got mixed-up and called this "Schrankhut (
  • Nebenhut (Close Guard)

Two we might want to add:

  • Zornhut (Wrath guard) The guard  from which one exectues a Zornhau (Wrath cut)
  • Schrankhut (Barrier  guard)  Seems to be a variant of Ochs where the  point is low, somewhat like Silver's "True guardant" 

Three more important terms:

  • Oberhau (Over cut): A downward  cut
  • Mittlelhau (Middle cut): A horizontal cut
  • Unterhau (Under  cut): An upwards cut

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