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27th of July

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on August 27, 2014 - 7:41pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Shannon W (Herald), Nadia (Rapier), Nicola (Chatelaine), Angela.

Absent:  Nora

Apologies: Katherine (Web), David (A&S), Robb (Marshal)

Opened: 7:12


Herald: Nothing to report.

Rapier: Rapier's happening.

Reeve (Patrick): Bank balance $8,523.41

Seneschal / Matters Arising:

Katherine bought five plastic boxes for $50 and has been re-embursed.

AS&S Memorial Tourney: Looks like it's going to be pot-luck after all, although Scadians will get a discount for bringing food.

Children's policy: Problem with teenagers.  The Children & Young People Participation Policy as it stands is clearly written with children in mind, and seems (to me) inappropriate for teenagers.
[Shannon suggests Policy to be linked from website, along with results of other research.]  I will take this up with SCANZ Committee.

Action: Patrick to add link and other appropriate documentation to website.

Past Events:


Upcoming Events:
May Crown 2015 (David): Planning underway.  Need to check when site deposit is required.

St Cath's (Ange): Patrick: Kingdom Seneschal has requested we offer financial support for the Royal visit.  They are apparently waiting to hear from us before buying tickets (which suggests they won't actually come without
sufficient support.

Question: How much money does Kingdom provides for a reign.
Answer: No one at the meeting knows [later resolved to be AU$3,500].

Question: Do we have to have Crown at this event?
Answer: No.

Question: Have we provided such support for previous Royal visits?
Answer: The only example anyone can think of was contributing to Gabs' excess baggage so he could bring heavy kit during his and Stanzi's first reign.  The amount was approx $160 (from memory).

Question: What would be the advantage of a Royal visit at this time?
Answer: The usual (theatre) plus the opportunity to train with the King (and, in this case Queen).  Recently resurgent interest in heavy combat noted.

Idea 1: Add $5 to the ticket price?  $2.50 per day, children exempt.

Idea 2: Offer to pay for excess baggage for one, ask Cluain to pay for the other (as they're generally keener on heavy than the City is, so even more likely to benefit).

Propose: Pay ~$150 (excess baggage) + matching funds from Cluain.  If Cluain decline, we will re-visit funding directly from event fee on the Council list.

Action: Patrick to send proposal to Cluain Council list.  Angela to advertise date, but delay opening bookings till this matter is settled.

Calendar: No problems noted.

Other Business:

Purchase of serving utensils: Delay discussion for another meeting.  Shannon to purchase more bowls if seen at
the previously agreed price.


Closed: 7:55

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