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Bloth 2014 Report

The Bloth is one of Ildhafn's recurring events, and a celebration of the group's anniversary.  This event was a simple Saturday evening feast, with some time in the evening for games and dancing.

Steward - Ludwig von Regensburg (Patrick Bowman)


The day started with a bit of a fright when the cook, Vettoria, fell down her steps, injuring herself.  Fortunately, she was not badly injured.  I helped with the loading of food to her car, and additional help in the kitchen was found to compensate (special thanks to Katherine of Glastonbury).  In any case, archery in the afternoon did make it more difficult to find a kitchen crew.

The event itself went respectably smoothly and was very well attended.  For some reason the oil lamps did not work well (needs more R&D).  Fortunately we had tea-light candles in the supplies (we should probably always have some as a reserve).  Some with dietary restrictions did not get the information they needed about the dishes served (although everyone should have been well catered for); better preparation of the servers would aleviate this problem (there are other systems currently under discussion).  The "narrow U" seating arrangement made for a compact set-up, which left plenty of space for dancing, but did isolate high table (as there wasn't much space between diners, high-table was detached from the U so it could be approached from the front).  One alternative would be to serve high-table from the side.

Katherine's crew did a great job of setting up the hall in the limited time available.  The populace at large provided plenty of entertainment through the evening.  Vettoria supplied an excellent dinner and the whole event ran in reasonable time (although perhaps dragged a little).  Pack-down was as fast as can be expected (thanks to so many people lending a hand).

Extra special thanks to Vettoria and the kitchen crew who did a great job.


Adult Members: 35 booked, 34 attended
Adult Event-members: 16 booked, 16 attended
Children (free): 3

One non-member (Willemyne) booked, but then cancelled at late notice.  Her place was taken by another (Eric) so Council decided to issue her a refund.  This has been accounted for in the above numbers.


The big items were site cost and food.

Costs   Comments
Site 130  
Food for Kitchen Crew 38.94 Slightly over budget
Lighting 0 Unspent, but will need investment before next event.
Petrol 40  
Laundry 40 Paid someone else to do it and still came in under budget!
Rubbish 6.90 3 x $2.30
Food 813.66 Worked out to be $16pp (not including children).
Event memberships 32 16 x $2
Kingdom levy 51 51 x $1
Total 1152.50  
Sustaining members 1050 35 x $30
Event members 512 16 x $32
Total 1562.00  
Profit 409.50