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Labour Weekend 2014

Book here for Labour Weekend 2014, a Living History and A&S event held at the Braythwayte Manor. Bookings close on the 18th of October.

Booking details

Please fill out one form for every person attending the event, including each child or infant.

Your SCA name. Leave blank if you have not chosen an SCA name.
Name of parent or adult guardian who will be attending the event
Child's age in years
Which overseas SCA organisation are you a member of?

You can join the SCA now and avoid the hassle of event-membership.

If you're associated with a particular SCANZ branch, or with another re-enactment group, which one?

Contact details

We need to be able to contact you. An email address is perfect (you will recieve a confirmation of your booking by email, if you give one), a phone number will do, and both would be a luxury.

Direct deposit is preferred. Generally, payment in advance is required to secure your booking, but if you're coming from overseas, ask the steward about paying in cash on the day.
If you are paying as part of a group, who'll be making the payment, and for how many people? E.g. "Fred, for 2 adults and 3 kids". This will make it easier for us to identify who has paid.
There are 2 main options for how you wish to spend most of your time over the weekend: Living History camp or Working on A&S projects in the workshop. Please indicate your preference. This does not mean you cannot do a bit of both! ...but please opt for one or the other for now.

That's the essential part of the booking done.

The rest is there to help the steward cater to individual needs and desires - filling it out is really helpful, and will probably improve your event.