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Bloth 2014 chores list

So we can make the event one that all of us can enjoy, everyone will get a chore or two: many hands make light work.

If you're unable to do your chore please email the steward as soon as possible.


Vettoria will be preparing the feast from about noon.

The hall set-up crew will meet at 5pm, and work from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

The hall opens to the populace at 6:30, and the first course will be served at 7pm.

There will be a sumptuous, two-course feast, dancing, games of various sorts, singing, and other entertainments. If you have something to add, please get in touch! The more the better!

Lights go on at 11, so that we can remove ourselves from Dodge by midnight.



Bloth Chores List

Time Duty Person in charge Helpers


Feast Preparation - afternoon shift one Vettoria Cora, Maheshti, Ludwig, Karen
3:00-6:00 Feast Preparation - afternoon shift two Vettoria Catherine, Cora, Maheshti, Ludwig, Ermengarde
6:00-8:30 Feast Preparation - evening shift Vettoria Katherine of Glastonbury, Hawis de Worceworde
  Door   Eleanor & Ashlee
5:00-6:30 Hall set-up Katherina Weyssin Edward, Elizabeth, Ian, Norina, Patch, Sinech
5:00-6:30 Banners William de Cameron Anna
  Serving food   Christine, John, Matt Shaw, Isabell, Willaim de Wyke, Adam, Julianne
  Washing dishes - shift 1   MG Purdy, Ashlee, William de Wyke, James, Cecilia, Glen
  Washing dishes - shift 2   Oswyn, Rudiger, Alyenora, Philip, Geff, Gareth
11:00-12:00 Hall pack-up   Eleanor, Bhrìghde, Amir, Emrys, Lisbet, Idonea