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Bloth 2014 Proposal

The Bloth is one of Ildhafn's recurring events, and a celebration of the group's anniversary.  This proposal is for a simple Saturday evening feast, with some time in the evening for games and dancing.


Dates and times

The date is currently up for discussion, but present proposal is for Saturday June 21st.  Site to open at 6:30, first course to be served at 7:00.


St George's Presbyterian Church, Takapuna.

We have used this site many times before (e.g. Bloth 2012).  It has a large hall and kitchen.


  • Steward - Ludwig von Regensburg (Patrick Bowman)
  • Deputy Steward - TBA
  • Feast cook - Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona (Shannon Wanty)
  • Deputy in Charge of Hall Setup - Katherina Weyssin (Katherine Davies)


The kitchen to open at midday (we won't necessarily have exclusive use of the kitchen for the afternoon, but other use will be light).  Site to open to the set-up crew at 5:30, so we will need a crack squad of hall-setter-uppers to get things ready in time.  This, in my opinion, will be the main operational challenge associated with this event. 

Broadly, I am planning a feast of two courses occupying about 90 mins.  This leaves a couple of hours for Court, games and other entertainments. 

Lights go on at 11, so that we can remove ourselves from Dodge by midnight.


The big items are site cost and food.  A number of incidental expenses are also included.


Fixed Costs   Comments
Site 130  
Kitchen Crew 30 Some lunch and afternoon tea
Lighting 10 Oil and wicks.  Half of May Crown line item
Petrol 40  
Laundry 50  
Rubbish 7.50 Need to check the cost of pre-paid bags.
Sub-total 267.50  
Per person costs    
Kingdom Levy 1  
Contingency 1  
Food 19 Slightly less than St Cath's feast budget
Sub-total 22  
Break-even attendance Cost per head  
20 34.38  
30 29.92  
40 27.69  

I think a break-even number of 30 is realistic for this event (about the same as for the 2012 event), which means a charge of roughly $30 per person.  A lower child rate is probably appropriate.