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Feb-Apr A&S report

Submitted by William de Cameron on May 4, 2014 - 9:34am

Regular weekly events

Sunday A&S starts up again in May, after we've had a couple of weeks off due to holiday weekends. Attendance at A&S is variable depending on the weather and what else people have on, but continues to be a good get-together for the group and a chance for people to talk about what they've been working on recently.

Wednesday singing and Thursday dancing are both well attended, and growing gradually. Both will be taking two weeks off in May as some people are away.

Sunday singing happens, if there are enough interested people at A&S.


The Collegium event went really well with a great turnout (~25-30 people) and a good diversity of classes. Many thanks to Shannon for organising the event and all of the teachers for teaching. We have a good list of classes both offered and wanted for next time, and will look at holding another in probably about 9-12 months time.

Library auction

The Baronial library auction was held at the Collegium, and the library has now been completely disposed off with nothing having to be thrown away (yes, even the obscure books went). $127 was raised, and the new owners of the books all seemed very pleased with their purchases.

Distributed library project

I am looking at setting up, either on the Baronial website or using another tool like LibraryThing, some system where people can choose to list which books they've got that they're prepared to let other people use or borrow. I hope that this might help people access some of the rarer or more expensive books which exist in the Barony but that people might not know are around.


Canton of Cluain report (Jan-Mar)

Master Edward Braythwayte was appointed in March to the position of Cluain A&S officer.

Hastilude: This is the monthly ‘group day’. Thanks to Alexandra de Santiago for organising a new venue with better facilities. 

Archery Practice: Monthly Archery Practice continues to be a successful avenue for attracting new members to the group. It is hosted and run by Geoffrey de Wulf and Gareth Robertson.

Competitions: The Persona Challenge has been launched recently in which entrants have to develop their persona by creating a back story, a personal item and a document relating to their persona. The challenge runs all year to close around March 2015 at St Sebs.

The challenge seems to be generating a good deal of interest. Svarta has offered to run scribal classes at Hastilude to assist people with their document for the challenge.

Events: St Sebs 2014 saw a great deal of A&S activity as folk attempted various challenges, worked on personal projects and attended a variety of classes.