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Web report, May 2014

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on April 29, 2014 - 12:33pm


1000 Nodes!

We passed 1000 nodes! Party time! Cake! Speeches! The thousandth node was a now-deleted test-entry in the new "quarterly report summary" category.


Positive comments from Catherine d'Arc at the CF seneschals' meeting (thanks for passing those on, Ludwig), and a lovely note from a singer in Atlantia who found music for her choir on our website. Yay!

Quarterly Report Summaries

At our seneschal's request I've added a place for all local officers to put a public summary of their quarterly reports (or that portion that is suitable for publication). Reports should file themselves nicely, and can be sorted by date (the default), office, or officer's SCA name.

After a few years this will help us keep track of who has held which office and when; as well as being a present increase in transparency. In a few quarters we'll know how easy it is to get officers to comply with the seneschals' request to publish summaries.

Sorting content by office

Coincidentally with my setting up the report-summaries, our herald, Vettoria, asked about putting her notes on submissions online. We now have an "office" taxonomy that can be used on certain pages. I'm encouraging all officers to consider how they might use this to improve their office.

Here's what the Herald is doing:

As this is new, I'm still improving the way it all looks and works, and integrating it with the static pages we already have.

Vettoria is only using SCA names, and is getting permission with submitters before putting notes about their submissions online; so there should be no privacy problems.

Other changes, other plans

See the webwright's notebook:


William de Cameron and Svartr Ormson are continuing to work on their new website. Svartr now has access to the new site and is actively working on it. A training session will be in order in Cluain in the not too distant future.