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30th of March

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on April 24, 2014 - 2:02pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Nicola (Chatelaine), Katherine (Web), David (A&S), Shannon (Herald), Nora (Reeve)


Apologies: Chantelle, Matthew

Opened: 7:30


No outstanding matters as of the meeting.  As of 23/04 bank balance is $8,093.07.

Significant computer issues over the last month mean that it's very hard for me to extract the conflict checking I've done.  I'm therefore going to start recording my conflict checking on the Ildhafn website, which means I can access
this from any computer at any time.  I will check with those submitting their names and devices for conflict checking whether they are happy to have this published, or would prefer it to remain unpublished.  Published will have the
advantage of creating a visible record of what has been done with their devices, and may also provide insight for non-heralds into the conflict checking process.

No Report.

Arts & Sciences
This is the first monthly report since I took over as A&S, so there’s not a lot to report yet.  I've mostly completed the changeover from Christine [Chantelle], just a few details left and the formal handover in court at the next convenient

I’m pleased to see the Collegium planning going well, thank you Shannon for organising that, and to the teachers for volunteering their time.

I have appointed Master Braythwayte [David Whitby] as the Cluain A&S officer subject to the usual 2 week commentary period which ends today.  Thank you for putting yourself forward for this position again Edward :)

A&S Sundays (and the singing happening there), and Mistress Katherina’s singing and dance classes all appear to be popular and well attended.  I understand that a musician’s practice is still being explored, which is excellent too.

A&S Sundays during April will be deviating from the usual rotation due to holiday weekends and host availability, please refer to the calendar for details.

-- Online Report Summaries

I've created a new content-type for Quarterly Report Summaries.  I'm still working on the way it displays on the website, but the content-type is there and ready to use (feel free to add a summary for last quarter's report, if you like).  There are a bunch of test-reports that I'll delete once it's all working: I just needed some content to
get going.

What to do: [See the Council List version for instructions]

The report summary should then file itself into the right places.  Your username provides the "officer name".

-- "Office" list
I've also (as part of the project above) created a new taxonomy-list, for offices.  That's used in the quarterly reports to sort them by office.

However, we can also tag other types of page with a particular office.  I've already done this for the officers note-book pages.  At the moment, you can only do this with "pages", but I can add other content-types if you find it would be useful.  I'll talk with Shannon this afternoon about how it will best suit her to keep her herald-stuff on the website.

This means that we'll be able to generate a list of, say, all the pages that are flagged as being about the herald.  It will have on it all the herald's report summaries, the heralds page, any sub-pages (with discussions on conflict-checking and so so).

What to do:
I'd really appreciate it if all the officers could spare a few minutes (from your copious free time - I know!) to think about whether and how the website could be more useful for their own office.  If you have ideas, or things you'd like, talk to me: I'll see what I can do.

[Shannon's idea of documenting her conflict checking online is a great example.]

In particular, email me if:
- you want another office added to the list (I only included offices we've currently filled)
- you want the office list to appear on a page that doesn't have it yet
- you want to do something with the website and don't know how, or whether it's possible

-- Forms
For the collegium we created a separate form for teachers to fill out, to collate class details.  In the past we've done that as part of the main booking form.  What do you think?

-- Updating Forms
I've updated the "how to make common announcements" page, and added a list of the information the webwright (or whoever makes the form) needs from a steward to make a booking form.  Often, we need a more substantial discussion as well, but this is a good starting point.

We've have contact with new people - one referral from Auckland Sword and Shield and two who have signed up for the Collegium, I've been in contact with two and intend to contact the third soon.

Recent contact from the Mt Roskill and Blockhouse Bay libraries regarding their holiday programmes, I really need to sit down with the people involved and talk about that.

Chatelaine's (first) name is now on the website.

No report.

Officers - Chantelle & Nicola stepped up St Sebs.  We need to find an opportunity for David to be properly installed. 

Meeting start time - after consultation it has been decided to start Council meetings half an hour early.

Matters Arising:
Ange has added a notebook to the first-aid kit. 
Nicola has replaced the ice pack used at St Caths.
"Instrumental Music": Desire to run a regular music practice one or more times per week.  Matt has consulted with the group about intent and availability, and compiled a summary.  He notes that as there is no one time that suits everyone, it is likely that people will wind up practising in small groups in any case.  Combined music practices on fifth Sundays would provide an opportunity to get the most musicians together.

Action: Monday night looks best, but is least favourable to Matt - Patrick to discuss with him.  Fifth Sunday music practises sound like a good idea.

Past Events:
O Week (Katherine and Nora): Combined Argent Lords and SCA effort at Auckland Uni O Week.  Handed out a lot of promotional material.  More fun (and possibly more profitable) than doing it separately.

Upcoming Events:
May Crown 2015 (Patrick & David & Katherine): Bid Submitted!

Collegium (Shannon): Nothing to add.

Library demo (Nicola): First weekend in May.  So far this has only been mentioned on the Council list, so a notification should go to the general list.  Patrick to wear Matt's armour.  Shannon to repeat her demonstration of a 16th C lady getting dressed.  Matt and Patrick to fight.  Finish with show and tell.  Dancing considered, but probably inappropriate for the expected age.

Bloth: No proposals received.  Sites reportedly difficult to book at that time.
Patrick to pursue.

St Caths: No proposals received.

Calendar: No A&S or Council meeting over the Easter - Anzac day period.  Next Council meeting Sunday 4th of May (7pm).

Other Business:
David: Report on recent discussion on Don's list reguarding "official" and
"unofficial" events.  Pointed out that currently monies related to dancing &
fencing practices currently not being appropriately accounted for.  Thursday
dancing not an official SCA event (private practice run by Katherine).  Patrick
to discuss with Matt proper way to deal with fencing.

Closed: 8:32

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