Ave Vera Virginitas


We chose this as both tenor and bass lines are rather high, so it can be sung by SAAT as well as by SATB.


A couple of recordings we've enjoyed, on YouTube:

  • Hilliard Ensemble. Gorgeous, not quite the same tenor line as us (esp. the cadence before the change of metre).
  • The Queen's Nightingales. This version really brings out the canon in the soprano and tenor lines. 
Who does what: 
  1. Yvonne, Anna, Katherine of Glastonbury, [Katherina]
  2. Vettoria
  3. Katherina Weyssin
  4. William de Cameron, Llewellyn
Sheet Music: 

We're using the Big Lochac Snogbook (page 15).

We might well sing it up a tone (in C, instead of B-flat). It's in a reasonable range for us at either pitch, but with a woman singing the tenor line the lovely canon might stand out a little more if the tenor line is not too low.

We usually singing the first section (in 3/4) twice through, then slow down a little for the 4/4 section, and slow again for the final "amen". Watch the conductor!

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