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Webwright's notes for new officers

Office email address

Each Ildhafn office comes with an email address, e.g. This gets redirected to your personal email address. Tell the webwright which address to redirect it to, and they will ask William de Cameron to do it. 

Give this address for anything that pertains to your office - and only things that pertain to your office - so that when the time comes to hand the office on to your successor the email address can be redirected and everything will still be in order.

Contact details on this website

Ask the webwright (Mistress Katherina Weyssin, to update the replacement tags for your office, so your name and details display correctly across the website. If possible, give them a photo for the contacts page.

Mailing lists

You must subscribe to the Ildhafn council list. You should subscribe to the Ildhafn list, and probably the Cluain list and Lochac-Announce. There may be a kingdom-wide mailing list for your office - check with the kingdom officer (for some offices they're essential).


You should have a login to the Ildhafn website so you can maintain the sections relevant to your office. Check in with the webwright if you're in any doubt.

Each officer maintains the pages relevant to their office (you can delegate this if you want to). Of course the webwright keeps an eye on everything too, and can help with any technical problems.

  • Seneschal - 
  • Reeve - account info, list of signatories
  • Chatelaine - newcomers pages, advertising material
  • Marshals - combat pages, combat practices on calendar, combat blogs
  • Arts and Sciences Officer - arts and sciences pages (including music, scribes, etc), blog and project entries about A&S, A&S practices on calendar
  • Quartermaster - inventories
  • Herald - heralds pages, list of awards