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May Crown Schedule

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Friday May 1

Garb optional - no stress about changing as soon as you arrive. Dinner will be available whenever people arrive, even the wee small hours. (Alas, we've abandoned our quiz-plans, as there's simply too much on). 

After dinner, there will be vigils for the morrow's ceremonies and time for the Crown to meet with those who wish to contest Crown Tournament. Peerage Orders might wish to have informal meetings, so that Sunday's formal meetings can fit within half an hour (the chapel will be available for any who wish to use it for this purpose).

This is the first day of the Anno Societatis Fifty - enjoy it! 


Morning: Archery tournament, Arts and Sciences Competitions, then Court - White Scarf, and Lochac's (perhaps the Known World's) first Masters of Defense.

Afternoon: Crown Tournament

Evening: Victory Feast early in the evening, then a bonfire for late-night revelry (weather permitting)


Meetings first thing in the morning, then fencing; before an early lunch and a quick pack-up. 

Schedule for May Crown 2015 - updated April 23rd, 2015


Friday the 1st (garb optional)
4:30pm Site opens for setup-crew

Don't arrive early! Another group may be using the site until 4pm. (If you get here early, go to the falls for a while)


5:30pm Site opens for populace 

Dinner (Great Hall)

Dinner will also be available throughout the evening for those who arrive on site late (Kitchen)


- late

Vigil, for the fencing peerages (Great hall, near fireplace)


General revelry and games (elsewhere in the hall)


Lists open (TBC - anteroom by hall)


Crown may meet with tournament entrants if They desire it. (Royal Suite, TBC)



Saturday the 2nd - Tournament!
 8-9am  breakfast  (Great hall)

Archery Competition (Pine Grove)


Arts and Sciences Competition: judging (chapel or hall)

10:30-11:30 Court - White Scarf and Masters of Defense (list field or hall)
from 11:30

Lists open (list field)

List field available for warm-up

Arts and Sciences Competition: display, open to all (hall)


Lunch (served to list field)


Invocation Court


Crown Tournament


Investiture Court



Prepare for Feast


Victory Feast

rough schedule

  • enter hall, find seat (5:30)
  • ceremonial hand-washing for high table (5:45)
  • first credenza course - nibbles (6:00)
  • first kitchen course - mains (6:30)
  • second kitchen course - mains (7:15)
  • second credenza course - nibbles and sweets (8:00)
  • candies, breath fresheners, and final tidbits (8:45)
9pm-late  Bonfire and Revelry:  feast left-overs will be delivered to the fire-pit under the oaks between 11 and midnight  (weather permitting: if it's wet - revelry in the hall) 


Sunday the 3rd
 8am  Breakfast (Great Hall, served until 9am)

Meetings (Royal Suite)

  1. Masters of Defense (8:30) (extra breakfast will be served)
  2. Pelicans (9:00)
  3. Laurels (9:30)
  4. Knights (10:00)
  5. Archers (10:30)
 10-11:30am  Rapier Challenge Field (List Field)
 noon  lunch, closing court 

event ends: pack-up

personal belongings to be off site by 2pm, before site inspection

 3pm  site closes - all off site by 3pm