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May Crown Tournament

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Date and Time: 
Friday, May 1, 2015 - 17:30 to Sunday, May 3, 2015 - 13:00

Welcome to May Crown Tournament Lochac's first event in A.S.L. P1010365

A fully-catered weekend, with accommodation, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, at Hunua Falls Camp. Friday night: the very first event in the Known World in the fiftieth year of our Society (we're pretty sure there isn't an event planned in Kiribati). Saturday: the Tournament to select the next Crown of Lochac, followed by a sumptuous feast. Sunday: more medieval stuff, for fun.

Thanks for a wonderful event.





Dates and times

Friday May 1st to Sunday 3rd, 2015.

  • 4:30pm Friday - site opens for staff
  • 5:30pm Friday - site opens for populace - please don't arrive early, another group may be using the site



  • 1pm Sunday - event closes
  • 2pm Sunday - site closes, inspection begins
  • 3pm Sunday - we must be entirely off-site

Garb is optional on Friday night. 

More detailed schedule here.


Auckland is mild in May. Daily maxima and minima are usually in the teens (22 is unusually warm). May is an average month for rain: about 12 rain-days, with moderate humidity. We can run the tournament indoors if it is rainy.


Now $125 for an adult SCA member for the whole event, including food and accommodation.

       Attendance Adult (18+) Price Youth (12-17) Price Child (5-11) Price Infant (under 5)
A Whole event






Saturday + Sunday (excludes Saturday breakfast)

$113 $89 $69
C Friday + Saturday + Feast (not staying Saturday night or Sunday) $114 $90 $70
1 Friday + Saturday (no feast, or accommodation Saturday night) $72 $48 $38
2 Day tripping Saturday (no accommodation) includes feast $80 $56 $41
3 After tournament arrival Saturday (feast, to end of event on Sunday) $83 $59 $43
  Event membership for any adult not already a subscribing member +$2      

NOTE: All adult prices rose by $10 on March 1st. If this is a financial problem for you, please contact the stewards.  

Summary of booking options: what you get
  Friday Saturday Sunday
  Dinner Accom. Breakfast Morning Lunch Tourney Feast Accom. Breakfast Lunch

Feel free to examine the budget if you'd like to know what we're spending the money on. 


Waiting list

Bookings have closed, but if you add yourself to the waiting list, the stewards will contact you if a cancellation frees up a place.

Schedule for Bookings
  Bookings open Prices increase Bookings Close Bookings Finalised Event!
Date January 1st  March 1st April 17th April 24th May 1st-3rd
Period before event 5 months 2 months Two weeks One week  

People who book before the price-rise will be charged the extra $10 if we have not received payment by March 6th (international travellers excepted).

The stewards may waive the $10 late-booking fee where someone couldn't reasonably have booked any earlier (e.g. work roster not yet published), or in cases of financial hardship.

Bookings will close a fortnight before the event. After that, there'll be a waiting list, so late-bookers can replace any gentles who cancel at the last minute. Any with good cause may be allowed to book late, at the steward's discretion.

Changes and cancellations

Changes and cancellations will be accepted, with a full refund, until a fortnight before the event. No changes to bookings (except non-attendance due to illness, emergency, etc.) will be accepted inside the last week.


New Zealand residents must pay in advance, by direct deposit, into Ildhafn's Kiwibank account. Those who don't use internet banking can deposit into our account in person at any Kiwibank branch (i.e. any post office).

Visitors from overseas may pay in advance by direct deposit, or in cash on the day (NZ dollars). We suggest paying in groups if you use the former option, to share the cost of an international transfer.

We appreciate payment promptly after booking (save from international travellers). Locals who haven't paid when bookings close, a fortnight before the event, will be given five days (and a stern email) or risk having their booking cancelled.

Cap on numbers - 120

Loaner Gear

We'll have some loaner bedding and feast gear available, though as we're a small group, we can't promise enough for everyone. Priority will be given to those coming from overseas (for whom an extra bag is expensive) and those who book early. Locals, and anyone driving to the event: we'll appreciate any gear you're able to offer.

Once we've run out of loaner bedding, we'll offer overseas travellers cheap bedding bought locally, to be paid for in cash at the event (about NZ $30). After the event it will be donated to a charity.


  • pillow and pillowcase
  • 2 single sheets + duvet/blankets OR 1 single sheet + sleeping bag
  • towel and facecloth

Feast gear

  • plate and bowl
  • drinking vessel
  • cutlery (knife, spoon, fork)
  • napkin and tea-towel



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