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Booking form for Ildhafn campsite at CF

This is the booking form for the Ildhafn Baronial campsite at Canterbury Faire, 2017.

The Canterbury Faire website has a lot of information about the event itself. You will need to go there to book for the event proper.

One form per person please, even for kids. 

May the stewards subscribe you (temporarily) to an email list for people going to this event? I'll be used for things like - announcements, arranging rides, requests for billets.

We're not arranging tea and coffee for the campsite this year. Turkish Coffee is available in the Mong, and tea and instant coffee are available upstairs, near the main hall. Bring your own supplies if you would like to make hot drinks in camp (and let Alyenora know if you plan to do that a lot - we'll need gas canisters for the small camp stove, and she may ask you to buy extras).

We can't necessarily cater for special dietary requirements in camp, but if you indicate roughly what they are, we might be able to ... or at least let you know in advance if you're going to have to fend for yourself.
No dairy
No eggs
No seafood
No gluten
No alliums (onions, etc)
Allergies (list below)
Other (describe below)

Other dietary needs. Any any useful information for cooks - alternate names for allergens, or surprising places they might be found; suggested brands; things you do eat - e.g. you're vegetarian but ok with rennet in cheese.
  • Extreme: You might need a doctor or an ambulance. Cooks should be extremely cautious having this ingredient in the kitchen at all. 
  • Moderate: Makes you quite sick (or very sad), but you won't need a doctor. Food prepared in the same kitchen is ok. 
  • Mild: Makes you uncomfortable. You can eat food served on the same platter.
Loaner Gear
Ildhafn keeps 8-ish set of feast gear at CF - metal plate and bowl, cutlery, glass tumbler. BYO napkin and tea-towel. They're available for anyone who doesn't want to bring their own - first in best dressed. Usually there are plenty for all who want them, so feel free if it would be convenient for you.
Canvas or plastic, rough size and shape, room needed for ropes, etc.
E.g. "near the loos", "far from the common area", "must have power".
When will you be on site? Arrival and departure times.
This can be pretty approximate - it's so the stewards can plan what order to put up tents, etc.
Site opens for set-up at 10am on Saturday the 14th (or did when I checked the website). If you don't need to set up a tent, I wouldn't recommend arriving until Sunday afternoon. The event proper opens on Monday morning.
Event closes at on the evening of Saturday the 21st. The site is still available for pack-up on Sunday (but plan to be off-site before lunch).
Direct deposit into Ildhafn's Kiwibank account in advance, if possible. Cash on the day is fine if you're coming from overseas.
E.g. "I want lots of music in the camp", "please no evening singing", "curfew at 9pm", "visitors at all hours", "I want to run brekkies"